Maturity 2020, the grade changes: only 40 points from the interview. Increase the weight of the curriculum

Children and young people will not return to class, but during the summer they may return to school to play. This is the proposal that Minister Lucia Azzolina is working on and that I will present to the government colleagues who, in these days, together with the Minister for the Family Elena Bonetti, are studying proposals for the children’s activities for the summer. The first meeting between the government, local authorities and operators of the sector could already take place today to discuss the topic of what to organize for the children who stay in the city while the working parents.

Risks and protocols

For now, the technical-scientific committee remains opposed to activities for children that involve gathering. But Regions – with the forerunner of Veneto and Piedmont – and Municipalities, including Rome and Milan, have already made operational meetings to try to organize summer activities and meet families. We need precise rules and health protocols – and for this reason we are looking at the experiences of the Nordic countries, especially Norway and Denmark, which have reopened kindergartens and nursery schools for small groups and with very strict rules – and it is not said that in the end it is possible to find a solution. Azzolina’s idea that since schools remain open for administrative activities until the end of July, even after the end of the school year, in these two months they can host the municipal summer centers, as is usually the case: it is however protected places and with open spaces.

Spaced summer camps

If the proposal is accepted, the structures suitable for the summer centers will be identified by the local authorities: those with outdoor spaces – which are the majority – and not affected by renovations already planned in view of the September recovery. However, they will be sufficient given that the starting audience of children is much lower than that of the students and that some of the parents may decide to keep their children with them.


For example, it will be difficult to use high schools, where the Maturit exams will take place until mid-July: the oral interviews – which the technical scientific committee has granted can be held in attendance, at school – will begin on June 17, the day on which had to perform the Italian test. The order defining the details of the only evidence left is almost ready. An important novelty concerns the grade: in fact, the parameters to compose the hundredths available change, to adapt them to the new exam mode: the interview will be worth less than the 60 points usually assigned to the three exams. The technicians of the ministry were convinced that with the light exam it was better to give more weight to the students’ curriculum: there had been discussions of assigning half of the points (50) with the oral exam but the test could count for 40/100, while the evaluation of this last year will become much more important: of the remaining 60/100 in fact, 12 are made up of credits from the third year, 13 from those of the fourth and the others could concern the fifth. Of course, praise remains for the students who deserve it.

April 27, 2020 (change April 27, 2020 | 10:25 pm)



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