Maurice and Elisabeth, who were very popular, left together …

It’s a very dramatic story that happened this weekend in Anderlues. Maurice and Elisabeth, a couple of octogenarians, died by gunshot in their home on rue de Bretagne, in Anderlues. “Madame was bedridden. According to the observations made on the spot, it seems that Mr. first shot his wife before turning the weapon against him and ending his life, ”we are told at the Charleroi prosecutor’s office. “The deaths most likely occurred on Saturday evening. It was the nurse who came to provide care who discovered the bodies. “

The Charleroi prosecutor’s office is, in fact, brought down on the spot, this Sunday afternoon. An investigation has been opened and will continue. “To allow us to find a mobile. “

► The couple were well known and appreciated in the town.

► Robert, whose parents were friends with the couple, testifies: “I knew Maurice and Elisabeth when I was between 8 and 10 years old. “

► Pol also remembers the couple: “They were discreet, calm and uneventful people. “


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