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Max von Sydow, actor of ‘Game of Thrones’ dies

The Franco-SwedishMax von Sydow, one of the director fetish actors Ingmar Bergman and with a long career that includes his role in ‘Game of Thrones’, died this Sunday with 90 years, said his wife. Speaking this Monday to the weekly ‘Paris Match’, Catherine von Sydow gave the announcement of his death “with a broken heart and infinite sadness”.

Tooasked the press for discretion during the mourning periodby an actor who became known thanks to his performance in some of Ingmar Bergman’s great films as ‘The Seventh Seal’, ‘Wild Strawberries’ or ‘The Maiden’s Spring’.

It was precisely those films that gave an international projection to this man who was born in the Swedish city of Lund in 1929 and had started his acting career in the theater.

Outside of his native Sweden, some of his great interpretations were in‘The exorcist’ by William Friedkin; ‘The death in direct’ of Bertrand Tavernier; ‘Pelle the conqueror’ by Billie August; ‘Previous Judgment’ by Steven Spielberg or ‘The Sinister Island’ by Martin Scorsese.

In 1997 he remarried the French documentary filmmaker Catherine Brelet, with whom he has lived in Provence. In fact, in 2002 he adopted French nationality.


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