Maximum police device in Catalonia for 10-N


The radical separatist groups cling, once again, to the mobilization to try to make the independence cause take center stage this weekend, coinciding with the new appointment with the polls. Tsunami Democràtic or CDR, the groups that are leading anonymously the protests in Catalonia after the 1-O ruling, return today to the streets with an agenda of vindictive actions – and "festive", as they say – dispersed throughout the Catalan territory, and that will last until the middle of next week with its "most ambitious action."

"We will do it again"; «This Saturday we continue in the streets to show that our strength is still alive»; «9-N let us reflect. Disobey the Central Electoral Board (JEC) ». These are some of the messages that have been circulating in the dissemination channels of the Defense Committees of the Republic (CDR) for days.

Thus, if after the protests over the visit of the Royal Family at the beginning of the week – which resulted in blockages and aggressions to some of the attendees to the awards ceremony they presided – and the failed escrache yesterday to Pedro Sánchez in his final rally In Barcelona, ​​the most radical groups reactivate their machinery today. Actions are planned in more than 300 villages, between 4 pm and 10 pm, which will have the objective of criticizing the JEC, which paradoxically tolerated that the independence camp of Barcelona in University Square continue despite the allegations.

It is also intended that today it is precisely the State that "reflects on the political situation" and recognizes the right to self-determination, frees political prisoners and curbs repression, advocates activists in their channels.

A rehearsal day
At the same time, the appointment aims to be, as they say, a day of testing to check their internal channels. “It will be the first time the Tsunami“ app ”is used. It will be used for small communications that will be essential to prove it technically and for everyone to make it their own. It will be a day of protest, but also a test, ”Tsunami added this week in a statement.

This last part was especially understood yesterday, as Tsunami Democràtic announced its "most ambitious action" so far, scheduled for the day after the elections. "Let's get ready for a three-day 9/11," they remarked yesterday in a new statement, referring to the independence mobilization of each September 11, coinciding with the Diada.

For this occasion, the leaders of the platform, ambushed in anonymity, suggest to their followers that they ask for "party" at work, at least one of these three days, between Monday and Wednesday. They are also required to be willing to move around the Catalan territory and "spend the night out," so you have to "prepare warm clothes, extra batteries for the mobile, food, sleeping bag and tent, and a stubbornly nonviolent attitude ».

Maximum Operating
The calendar of events together with the appointment with the polls will once again test the harmony between the police forces present in Catalonia. Mossos d'Esquadra, National Police and Civil Guard will have to ensure the null involvement of the protests and the proper functioning of the election day tomorrow, in a device led by the Catalan police that is expected to be maximum in terms of troops.

Some sources point out that the Mossos will have all their agents available, also riot control, activated, although official sources do not confirm the figures. They, as you play, will take care of the device and ensure fixed or dynamic presence of agents at each voting point. They can be added, if necessary, the members of the Civil Guard and the National Police, which will add about 2,000, with reinforcements from all over the country.

Although from the Mossos leadership they trust that the 10-N can take place with total normality and tranquility, they have warned their troops to prepare for a “maximum activation” scenario to protect the polling stations. The device, the largest created in an electoral day in Catalonia and that will be followed from the operational coordination center (Cecor), will be a new litmus test of good coordination between bodies. . (tagsToTranslate) police device (t)


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