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May Phichanat reveals auspicious wedding date on December 16, reveals the list of 12 bridesmaids in the industry.

May Phichanat Sakhakon Open your mind after becoming the latest bride in the entertainment industry. Get ready to reveal all 12 of the best bridesmaids out of 22 people, plus tell them to get married and have children. Will this work be based on faith or science? In which he came to open his mind through the program “Khao Yew Show” on Channel One31 with Ning Panita and Peggy Srithanya as MCs.

back in mid-June Is it the most confusing atmosphere that has been proposed in your life?
Me: Today, I still don’t know if it’s called a marriage proposal or not. Brother Ning or all his friends asked each other. Almost mad, did we secretly ask and not tell? Or did not invite friends He does not have moments like other couples. where he put a ring on his knee to surprise each other He doesn’t exist, we don’t have friends.

it’s food normally retrospect birthday His girlfriend gave normal gifts. Then between us landed He asked if he liked it. What is your favorite item since he gave it away? where we travel together, where we like to go, ask a lot of questions, ask a lot of questions, and the last question, do you want to get married? he is ready then he continues to talk about himself alone.

He doesn’t even have a sentence about marrying or not. He said it himself. But, go and choose where to use the organizer. Until May told me to calm down, we went to consult the parents first. Wait May, go ask your house first if May’s house is okay with Big or not. Big then went to ask his parents first if it was okay with us. Then we brought our parents along. Finally, he finished eating for the day. without it having a ring Isn’t it like we got married?

What was the feeling like then?
Me: It’s P’Ning’s confusion. Seriously, when I opened the gift, I saw a big box. I don’t have a ring anymore, I thought in my heart because all my friends said that May visit this country dressed in white. He will have to ask for his birthday to be sure, that is, his friend will always be born. When I was born, it was a different kind of COVID that didn’t exist anymore, this time. Receiving a gift The box is not great anymore. It’s definitely not a ring, it’s okay, just keep carving it, it’s more confusing until it keeps talking until the end.

1-2 years ago, May asked Khun Big how we should be together. Are we going to get married, but he answered?
May: He said let’s see. He had nothing like that. Let’s see first, we have something to fix. He has something to fix, he is not 100% yet.

When women ask what is clear in front of them? And when the man says, let’s look at it first, does he really have the same feeling?
Me: Yeah, we’re gonna think, eh, are we gonna keep dating or what? But it was not expected. when it comes to the point One is better.

Show that positive feelings are already ahead of expectations?
May: Yes, it’s like we have to pressure her to marry us. Then he was not ready and broke up with us. We don’t want to start over with someone else. We feel positive Being a fan for life is okay. I even told him that I just told him. Then he seemed to be thinking.

We are already waiting to see if the day we asked if he doesn’t have a ring?
May: This day was really confusing. It will be more funny Hey…is that a hook? what about a ring would like to ask if you want to go and choose together because May has to wear it for the rest of her life. Afraid that he does not like him, he is beautiful, but May feels like why he has to think so much. May is a person who likes surprises. Then go find it yourself. May wanted to surprise him with what kind of face he would give.

And when did you come to your senses?
Me: Do you remember the day we went to eat omakase? That day was after he had talked about it for a while. And while I was eating May, I thought about it, should I tell you? And May does not know how, suddenly the chipmunk turns married or not, hurry and May is stunned. I turned around and looked at May and I was like, it must have been closed. In my heart, I wanted to tell you so much, but at the moment we thought we would keep it a secret first. because he still does not have a ring He seemed to give the ring again.

Since that day, when did he realize that he asked with all his heart?
Me: So far he hasn’t asked seriously oh he asked the day his parents meet he doesn’t talk but the adults do. we also sit and then there is a friend of the father who is a friend of both sides he said that his daughter has loved each other for a long time. Father allowed it? Father said that he allowed. What is your mother addicted to? Mom was not stuck, it was over quickly in 5 minutes, and then they went to talk about other things. So May thought it was a request.

But Big, he can’t sleep. Is he really excited to talk to your parents?
May: He came and said that he could not sleep at all that night. which I don’t know I sleep well I feel positive We like simple things. It’s clear it’s over. But he is still excited. He probably never asked a woman. Or bring an old man to meet, he should be embarrassed, he should be excited. Because he prepared orange Prepare something big

I saw there was a big sentence from my father. What did your father say Mr. Big?
Me: Dad, it’s simple, he says that he has a way to look great, he feels that he likes to be calm. maturity Father let some people think that everyone is waiting for their own private world, we don’t want to interfere, it must be mine. I owe you How we used to be friends to stay friends in the future

Are you planning on card printing now?
May: It is favorable time, December 16.

How many beautiful couples are there in the country?
May: 10 outside the industry, 12 in the industry

Who were the bridesmaids in the industry before?
Me: Everyone will have a story that we love very much 12 friends the first 3 are seniors there will be P’A Supachai and P’Aum P’May Fueang these 3 people meet each other together since childhood.

Is P’Aum difficult to invite?
Me: It’s not difficult at all, and we call? We will be married, he is single Call me, will you be delighted? May is getting married, so she is delighted.

Ning: He’s delighted because you know what? Because May has a promise for her and me.

May: P’Ning’s, we will party for the rest of our lives if someone is single, but P’Aum’s said that Whoever writes first must pay another hundred thousand. P’May Fuang is in the P’Aum gang that we seen since childhood. In the past, he would take us to sing karaoke. Let us know karaoke papaya salad, blue crab, eat something spicy in this gang, which is actually not a group. Everyone knows each other very well. Vermicelli and Pang play movies together. Then get a drama

In fact, May has never acted in the same drama as Wun. But the day of worship is probably the same camp. Then we went to worship and met him. At that time, we were in ABAC, he was in Bangkok University, but his charm came to our university, we heard his name. What do people call the vermicelli? When we saw the real one, it was white, it had an aura, and it was very beautiful, it walked in May, after the sacrifice, let’s go to Siam, do you want? We became close very quickly. Chipmunk, P’Ning Bei, uses the same makeup artist. Until we are all close

How can someone else be close to Poy Treechada?
May: When I was young, I just went into the pub. we go on a trip Met regularly in front of Salung 2. May remembered the preceding he met when he was very beautiful. just find a position All the men looked to play with him. We felt that he was beautiful, wanted to be close, and we have been close ever since. Actually, we did not see each other very often, but it felt like when he was married. he misses us We can’t miss him. We had to take it with us, actually, there was Ple Paradee too.

which is close to Ning, not only use the same makeup artist But was it born in the year of the rooster?
May: Do you remember?

Ning: In the engagement party, Ning Ning could not find a person born in the year of the rooster to send him away. When Ning got married because it was like the horoscope was deceived

May: It happened that makeup artist that day had to make up Sister Nan and Sister Ning. Me then said that Pee Tuek would also dress up for Me, Me is going to the P’Ning event. He said, can you get married in the hotel? Because I married Ning’s cousin here. So May sat down and decorated. When finished, suddenly Someone entered the room, born in the year of the rooster, sent Elder Ning. I raised my hand. After that, he took May to sit next to Brother Ning during the transfer. After that, I felt that Brother Ning loved us more.

When I asked Sister Ning to be my bridesmaid Is it hard for her to say yes?
Me: I don’t think it’s difficult. No one disagreed. Although brother Ning is angry or hates Me Me thought it must be, but in reality, there was much more intimate than this.

And what will May say? Maybe he fell?
May: Sometimes there is also an embarrassment. I’m sorry if anyone is touching. Really, we love everyone. but now invited Don’t worry, everyone who comes to the event is all our loved ones.

Is there another, Tata Young?
May: We have known each other for a long time. It is a positive talk. And May loves him, he doesn’t meet, he doesn’t talk often. But every time we talk, we feel that he sees us as friends. we are grateful until he gets married The day before the wedding, it is called May. He said he is getting married tomorrow. And Tata thought to May, can we come to the event? We went. We don’t remember his words. But I feel that one day we are married We will let him come too.

it is another person who does not go to a wedding, he will always receive the bouquet at the wedding. How many bouquets will you throw this time?
May: Definitely not a single bouquet. but let me think first how many bouquets are beautiful But brother Ning can come and take it.

Many people understand that May took photos before the wedding in the railway?
Me: No, just doing Valentine’s content. But everyone thinks it’s all before marriage.

When a celebrity announces their marriage, people are suspicious. Are you pregnant?
Me: I am not pregnant yet, but I want to be pregnant very much. I am a fan born in the year of the dragon. May was born in the year of the Rooster, in fact, our horoscope is complementary. But he said if he got another dragon so he wants to give birth next year. He should hurry.

Nature is not up to date?
May: May thinks it is better to see a doctor. But now I haven’t left yet, I’m in a hurry, but May has already laid the eggs. We will make an appointment for a health checkup soon.

You see that the pre-marriage is not an accident?
Me: I think it really Should we shoot? because we have a lot of pictures But it’s positive to take some pictures. like complete But to which country should I go? All the luxury countries have come and gone. The troubled country has arrived So I want to go to a country that we have not been together yet, talk, talk, down to Bhutan, the story that we have heard. He says that those who live are the happiest. So we feel that sometimes happiness is natural. simplicity

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