MAY THAT: carbide shooting in Gouda?

This year you can go anywhere in the Netherlands no fireworks take off during New Year’s Eve. There is an exception for F1 children’s fireworks and carbide shooting. Only you are allowed to shoot carbide in Gouda? These are the rules.

With carbide shooting you put calcium carbide (carbide) in a milk can and make it moist. Make a hole at the bottom and cover the opening with a ball. Then you can ignite the milk can and BAM! Because the carbide comes into contact with the water, a very explosive gas is created. You also hear a huge bang and the ball shoots away. Carbide shooting is mainly a tradition in the east and north of the country.

Carbide shooting in Gouda

The rules for carbide shooting differ per municipality and it is not prohibited in Gouda. It has never been very popular in our city either. “For the time being we have no reason to expect more carbide shooters in Gouda,” the municipality reports. “No exemption is therefore required.”


Perhaps unnecessary, but just a hard disclaimer: don’t just shoot carbide. It carries risks. A fire can start if you use too much water or the milk can explode. In addition, the fireworks ban is there for a reason. In this way, the cabinet wants to prevent healthcare from becoming overburdened. Planning to do it anyway? Then read well in advance!

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