May the end of the world catch you single

Sometimes a sentimental break can become a much more supernatural event, sticky and destructive than any invasion of zombies. Víctor Negro, a thirty-year-old social worker who takes care of elderly people in a hospital in Barcelona, is the perfect example of the Martian functioning of emotions and the narrative trigger of the fourth and Huelva's latest film, Carlos Martín Ferrera. Based on the post-apocalyptic novel by Marc Pastor, "The year of the plague" is in the words of Ferrera himself "a movie of characters" whose rhythm and tone they drink from tapes like "The Incident" by M. Night Shyamalan or "Looking for a Friend for the End of the World" by Lorene Scafaria.

This story of malnourished zombies, pious lies, sudden suicides, repentant ex-girlfriends, nostalgic hearts and the smell of the dead has managed to materialize in a cinematographic proposal thanks, among other things, to its close relationship with destiny: "All this is the result of a huge accident, I went to a bookstore to look for a book in Barcelona and saw the book" The Year of the Plague. "I noticed him, I took it, I saw the back cover and I thought:" Uff, this for a movie it could be phenomenal, it has a very powerful plot. "But I did not take the book, I went for the one I had in mind and left it where it was", Ferrera recalls and adds: "Two years went by and the producer Dani Matamoros He offered me the chance to read a new script, first he handed me the book and I said, "Damn, I can not believe it." It was the same one I had decided to leave two years ago in a bookstore in Barcelona but whose argument had been waiting in my head. After I passed the script and I liked it even more, I could not not accept it. In a way it was a conspiracy of life"

All dead

When Víctor (Iván Massagué) breaks with Irene (Ana Serradilla), the world becomes apathetic and suffocatingly monotonous. The days go by without any apparent emotion until, at the moment when he knows – forced by his co-workers – Lola (Miriam Giovanelli), an intelligent and creative girl who poses as Victor's emotional alarm clock, the people around him start to have strange behaviors originated by peculiar plants that have a pestilent and magnetic smell. Begins to have suicides, Internet falls and the sky becomes a huge black cloud that preludes the end of the world.

"At first the story was going to have a darker approach, but we ended up turning it into something cooler, whiter and more comical, because we detected that it could have a certain rejection in a certain audience if we restricted ourselves to only one specific genre. We wanted to mix. Risk a bit, "says the director on humor, one of the elements that splash this film with greater intensity.The lucid Brays Efe and Silvia Abril complete the distribution of a predictable story that manages to give everything, less fear.

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