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Maya Thurman Hawke in Venice with unshaved armpits. The girls of the new normal

The red carpet is not just an image, it is also a stage from which social messages are sent, underlined the director Alberto Barbera. Could one be the normalization of beauty (of the stars)? Photographer Lucia Sabatelli proudly shows Maya Hawke’s photo captured at the photocall of the highly anticipated film “Mainstream” (all screenings sold out) on social media. The actress greets with the sleeveless top (Versace) and shows a delicate dark halo on the armpits. Assumptions arise among the women present. Could he have done it by choice (feminism would have said the 68ine), due to lack of time, forgetfulness or script requirements? With the character of Robin in “Stranger Things” (champion of Netflix views) Maya has surprisingly become the actress of the third season (fans are in trepidation for the fourth chapter blocked due to Covid): she plays the first LBGTQ character of the series. Of course, being the daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman will count for something, but the girl, born in 1988, demonstrates intelligence and irony even on the red carpet where she presents herself in a luminescent mermaid version.

Giulia De Lellis and Stefano Disegni

Giulia De Lellis also brings her “contribution” to normalize beauty at the festival, who the day before arriving on the red carpet, following the example of Aurora Ramazzotti, had revealed her face marked by acne in a story on Instagram announcing ” I’ll parade, I’m human, like everyone else ». The influencer has earned the attention of Stefano Disegni who dedicated his ironic cartoon from the Lido to her on the very popular Ciak: «Everyone stand up, courage passes at the festival! I’m not talking about the intrepid challenge to the biggest rupture of c … of the 21st century, the Coronacoso … I don’t even want to mention the bastard. No. In Venice 77 someone has gone beyond the limits of human capacity… Giulia De Lellis showed her acne on the red carpet. Not one pimple less! Those who saw followed with bated breath the audacity of the influencer with 5 million followers (therefore perfect for a film exhibition). Beside it the lapidary inscription “Tilda you are nobody”. Irony is the gaiety of reflection and the joy of wisdom according to Anatole France.

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Maya Thurman Hawke Martian siren: grade 9

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