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“Maybank Securities” points out Thai stock correction It is a cadence to buy and select 7 stocks worth investing in.

Gentlemen.Wichit Arayaphisit Director of Security Research Company security (Associates) Maybank (Thailand) Public Company Limited or MST disclosed Krungthep Turakij what the investment trend isThai stock marketfacing the main risk of the global economic downturn inflationhigh, which is now considered the time of inflation. He hopes it will close at the peak in the short term.

May 11, 2022, the United States will announce the numbers.inflation The market is expected to tend to slow. which if it is as expected by the market will result in investmentshareReturn on investment attractiveness From the past, the index has been adjusted to meet sufficient risk factors. But the increase would not be strong. due to the main risk of global economic slowdown; andoil pricesProbably not going to adjust easily.

“Personally, I thinkThai actionThe adjustment below is an opportunity to invest. by investors divide the wood of the purchase Looking at the index of 1,630 points as a buying point For investors who take high risks But if investors who accept less risk Wait and see the US inflation number in April, which will be announced on 11 me. If announced, then the lower number will benefit investment. It’s time to dump her and move on. “

For stocks that are recommended to invest when you choose stocks that are expected to be profitable. or recovering according to the domestic economy And the price of the stock is still high as follows:

1.travel action from the government to relax measures to control the covid This has caused more tourists to travel to Thailand. The recommended stock is Airports of Thailand Plc.AOT), which is expected to lose much this year to the level of “billion baht” in the previous year at a loss of 16 billion baht, and a reasonable price of 73 baht.

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2.shared hotel groups Even if the price has risen enough the recommended stock is Minor International Plc.MINT), which if the price fell can be invested by providing a reasonable price 37 baht

3.food group Depression baht for the delivery was good. does not recommend the actions of Plc. GFPT (GFPT), which will benefit from stable chicken prices at a high level. and production capacity is returning to normal in the last 2 years ago, the factory caught fire. bring the results of operations back (turn) with a reasonable price 16.30 baht

4. Retail Stocks This year’s revenue is expected to recover gradually from last year’s low base, which estimates that same store sales are increasing quarterly. The recommended stock is CP All ( CPALL) Profit recovered to stand out Provide a reasonable price of 79 baht.

5. Stock Growth, which believes that the performance will return. The recommended stock is Jay Mart Plc. (JMART) even though the price has already increased but believe that the profit will grow strong given a reasonable price 75 baht and

6 JMT Network Services Plc.JMT) Wages are expected to hit a new record high by providing a reasonable 103 baht price

7.stock technology For investors who like to invest in small stocks and technology, Beryl 8 Plus Plc is recommended.BE8) though the price has gone up but the business trend is a megatrend. Therefore, it is interesting to invest, that BE8 Maybank Securities did not conduct an analysis. But believe that the price of 50 Baht can be traded (commercial).

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for the caseFedwill reduce the size of the balance sheet (QT) believes it will not affect Thai stock indexes much because during the Fed’s QE, the fund’s flow did not flow into the Thai stock market. while the Thai stock market situation during the 2nd – 3rd quarter will vary

but believe that while4th Section 2022 will increase from the number of tourists expected to travel to Thailand more After Thailand has relaxed measures to control the spread of the coronavirus and the covid epidemic has a better direction that will support the Thai economy expand in aMaybank Securities always expectedThe year-end index is at 1,750 points.

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