Mayor GertJan Nijpels (69) of Opmeer suddenly passed away | Inland

Mayor Nijpels was planning to visit a fire that was going on at the Cattle Museum in Aartswoud. He presumably succumbed to cardiac arrest while clearing his car. Resuscitation was no longer of use.

Municipal clerk Marc Winder said on behalf of the Board that he was very moved by the death. “It is inconceivable that such a thing affects our mayor in the last months of his mayorship. He died in armor. Our thoughts go especially to his wife Roos and son Max. We wish them all the strength to be able to cope with this great, unexpected loss. ”

Later in the week it will be announced how the mayor’s farewell takes place. For the time being, Deputy Mayor Robert Tesselaar will take over the duties of Mayor Nijpels.

Nijpels was a member of the VVD and had been the first citizen in the rural community for sixteen years. He was due to retire in July this year, due to reaching retirement age.

From 1990 to 1999, Nijpels was alderman of Den Helder. He was also born there.

The flag will be at half mast on Monday at the town hall in Opmeer.

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