Mayors of peoples (almost) without people

In Spain there are 670 municipalities that have less inhabitants than councilors the City of Madrid. It is said soon: in 8.25% of the towns of Spain there are less than 57 people registered. Although these places are few, you also need someone to govern them. As in all sites they also need a mayor every four years, with the difference that here is not charged and the remuneration for holding the position, rather, it is divided between headaches and satisfactions derived from trying to keep alive the localities most forgotten of the already left Spain emptied.

And how does anyone think of becoming the mayor of their town if they are not going to charge a fee and if they do not have special political aspirations? First of all because of that, because it's his town. From there, the motivations are diverse, although all of them are much stronger than the commitment with an acronym shown by those who seek a minute of glory in politics to take advantage of income throughout life. «I introduced myself for the love of my mother. Nobody wanted to introduce themselves and she had the feeling that the town was going to disappear. Then I told him not to worry, that I was already doing it because someone had to take the step so that my people would not die, "confesses Juan Carlos Duarte, the mayor of Leza de Río Leza, a Rioja municipality of 41 residents.

Plenaries of three people
Duarte has spent four years at the head of the Consistory under the initials of the PP, although his militancy is very different from that of his party colleagues who go on television. It has a much darker work and, at least, just as necessary. "The hardest, perhaps, is that this policy is based on direct action with neighbors. By making them understand that we also have to comply with the legal order, even though we are very few, we must be careful because every time you tell them something they do not like, they tell all the dead, "the mayor laughs, not happy. with the lived thing – and in spite of the fact that her mother now does not want to be present for the "dislikes she is carrying" -, she aspires to reelection on May 26.

The story of Virginia Alberdi is similar. After a few years in the regional politics of Extremadura, now presents to the Mayor of Cachorrilla, a town of Cáceres of 83 inhabitants, as a full and a half of Madrid, where he was already a councilman and who governed for several terms his grandfather. "I do not know if it was six or seven," Alberdi admits when talking about Francisco, his grandfather, who inoculated him with the poison of politics: "When I was 23 years old he asked me to help him and we were both at the Town Hall."

Now, decades after that beginning, Alberdi will be presented as mayor of the PP with a pending account to be solved. "I have a nailed thorn, which is to open the day center that is finished but it is not open", explains the candidate of a place where there are only three councilors in the Town Hall. «The plenary sessions are like those of any other place», he says, taking away the issue.

Different campaigns

Manuela Carmena, as mayor of the capital, charges 102,000 euros
. In similar figures move the first ediles of large cities. In the Alberdi village of Cádiz, however, last year's budget was slightly higher, at 112,000 euros. With that, in Carrascosa de la Sierra, a town of 19 inhabitants of Soria, gives them to live a year and they have almost 20,000 euros. The municipal budget is around 95,000 and with that, everything has to be done. "The town has to be good all year round, both in winter and in summer, when many people come and we quietly have 200 people," says José María Valoria, the first mayor, who hopes to take the baton under the PSOE acronyms, and that takes the opportunity to recognize the work of a figure insulted in politics by some, specifically those who know the depopulated and rural Spain only of his last vacation: "The councils help us a lot and are very important for places like Soria, since they centralize many services ».

José María Valoria is the candidate of the PSOE in Carrascosa de la Sierra (Soria)

The three now face the final stretch of the campaign, which is obviously less intense than that of the Sanchez, Casado, Rivera or Iglesias. The duties must be done in four years and in a few days it can not be fixed much, maybe that's why they take it more calmly. "The campaign here is very direct, as it has always been, you almost talk to each neighbor," sums up Duarte, who from his town of La Rioja takes stock of his last years at City Hall that could be identical to mayors of other towns. Similar: «It gives you more satisfactions than dislikes, especially because you see that you do things that are there, that you have contributed your grain of sand». In the end, the policy is, or at least it used to be, that. (tagsToTranslate) mayors (t) towns (t) empty (t) elections

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