ME deployed in corona protest in Den Bosch, two arrests were made | NOW

The Mobile Unit (ME) was deployed on Saturday during a demonstration against the corona measures in Den Bosch, a police spokesman confirms to Mayor Jack Mikkers decided to end the demonstration early because the demonstrators did not stick to the agreements made. The police have made two arrests.

According to Broadcasting Brabant Saturday afternoon, between 200 and 300 protesters took part in the march. According to the municipality, the protesters did not adhere to the previously agreed walking route. According to the broadcaster, the protesters tried to reach the city center, while the agreement was to walk around the center.

In addition, the participants did not adhere to the 1.5 meters distance. The municipality therefore says it has dissolved the demonstration in consultation with the organization.

The protesters were escorted by the police to the Zuiderpark, on the edge of the center. A dozen ME vans were also used for this.

One person was arrested for insult. Another was arrested for not being able to show ID, police said.


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