Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

Measles: several cases occur in a prison near from Poitiers

The measles epidemic definitely does not spare anyone … Several cases were reported to the Poitiers-Vivonne prison (Vienne) ten days ago. according to New Republic there are two inmates and one supervisor who have developed evocative symptoms .

These cases, confirmed by the Regional Health Agency (ARS) New Aquitaine, could snowball. Just a person suffering from measles to contaminate twenty other. In a confined environment like a prison, the spread is therefore very likely.

To prevent any spread of the measles virus, a vaccination campaign was organized in the walls of the penitentiary center. It is realized on a voluntary basis. Staff, for their part, have been invited to check your vaccination .

Always more contaminations

The situation is taken seriously, for good reason. The measles epidemic, which began last November, continues to spread throughout the country. At the last balance sheet, Public Health France counts nearly 1,800 cases . Almost all have occurred since the beginning of the year.

And the region where the Poitiers-Vivonne penitentiary center is located is by far the most affected: more than one in two infections occurs in New Aquitaine. It is currently the only region officially at the epidemic stage.

But the other departments are not unscathed: 76 of them reported at least one case. Is four more than the previous week. The others are not “safe from an extension of viral circulation in the near future,” warns Public Health France in its epidemiological bulletin.

To stop the spread of measles, 95% of the population should be vaccinated. ” No department currently reaches the required rate says the National Public Health Agency. Only 28 departments exceed 80% of two-dose vaccination coverage. ”

If young children are the most affected at the moment, unvaccinated or single-dose adults are also at risk. let’s remember that complications are more common in young adults.

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