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Measures against the corona virus: what we are now facing

“Now is the right time to take drastic measures,” said Health Minister Rudi Anschober (Greens) in a joint press conference with the Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and home secretary Karl Nehammer (both ÖVP).

But what measures are these? An overview:

  • Outdoor events with more than 500 visitors and indoor events with over 100 guests are prohibited until the beginning of April. This affects all types of events, from culture to sport.
  • There will be no lectures at the universities by Monday at the latest, lessons will be held online. This has been the case since Tuesday at the MedUni Vienna and at all universities in innsbruck practiced.
  • But universities and universities of applied sciences will not be enough. “There will also be measures at schools,” announced Chancellor Kurz. However, these would have to be well prepared due to the effects, for example, on care obligations. Discussions are under way with the social partners.
  • People out Italy will be subject to an entry ban unless they can show a health certificate. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs now wants to go home for Austrians Italy to organize. However, you must stay in home quarantine for two weeks after returning home. Around 4,000 Austrians are currently said to live in Italy stop.
  • Companies are encouraged to have their employees work from home where possible.
  • Minister of Health Angler also said that whole places may be isolated.

In addition, all Austrians are asked to keep their social contacts to a minimum.

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