“Measures taken and rigor work”

Lazio remains yellow zone and will therefore not be orange, possible scenario up to two days ago due to several negative factors. Health Minister Roberto Speranza has signed a new ordinance concerning the regions and their areas of belonging for the next two weeks. Nothing changes for Rome and the rest of the region.

Therefore, renew the measures introduced on November 4th in the last Dpcm with the new ordinance which will be valid until 3 December. At the moment, therefore, Lazio remains in the yellow zone together with Molise, the Autonomous Province of Trento, Sardinia, Veneto.

The parameters taken into account

Lazio, in fact, according tolast bulletin of November 20th it has an Rt index of 0.82 below the critical threshold of one. However, there is not only the infectiousness index to take into consideration. The percentage of intensive care beds occupied in Lazio, in fact, remains high and has exceeded the critical threshold spread by Agenas, the agency for regional health services that has set the bar at 30%, while the region hosting the capital is now at 32%. Not only that, in fact 337 beds are occupied in hospitals in Lazio: never so many.

As for hospitalizations in ‘non-critical’ areas, i.e. in the infectious disease, pulmonology and internal medicine wards, the threshold of beds occupied by Covid patients, defined in this case as 40%, is still exceeded by Lazio now at 49%: 3202 patients currently hospitalized.

The decision of Minister Speranza

Two weeks after the division of Italy into three risk areas, the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, has therefore signed an order renewing the measures relating to the Regions of Calabria, Lombardy, Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta, Puglia, Sicily: the first four therefore remain in the red zone, while the last two in the orange one. But with the results of the monitoring other Regions could change color

Speranza has signed an ordinance in force since Sunday 22 November to ratify the passage of the Abruzzo Region to the red zone. No change for Lazio that has already moved is Lazio, which still remains in the yellow zone: the president Nicola Zingaretti, in the meantime, has signed an order that provides for the closure of commercial activities and supermarkets at 9 pm until November 30th.

In the meantime, the technical table between the government and the regions has been set up, which will have to evaluate whether and how to modify the parameters that allow the allocation of the yellow, orange or red zone. A work that will go on until the end of the month and that will be the basis of the measures for the Christmas period.

Zingaretti: “We must continue to lower the curve, the contagion must decrease”

Satisfied the president of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti: “The rigor and effort we have all put into introducing and respecting the containment rules is giving results. The rules we have given ourselves work thanks to the effort of our community that I want to thank for the commitment of these weeks, in particular once again to all health care personnel. All over the world the contagion flares up in large cities. Having achieved these results together in the Region of Rome, the largest Italian metropolis, is important “.

Zingaretti, however, does not want to claim victory: “The level of contagion remains high (77746 the current positives in Lazio ed) but there is an improvement. This is positive for the safety of people and for our economy. Now let’s not give up. We must continue to lower the curve, the contagion, hospitalizations and deaths must decrease. We continue to fight because this is the way to get out of this phase, save lives and return to live. The enemy is the virus, not the rules and individual behaviors to stop it “.

Lazio with the lowest Rt index among the regions

And on the drop in the contagiousness index, the Lazio health councilor Alessio D’Amato also wanted to have his say: “The virus race slows down in Lazio”, which “is the one with the lowest Rt value among the large regions thanks to timely measures adopted and rigor in the conduct that must necessarily continue. Woe to claim victory, the path is still long “.

“In Lazio” the 1.5 million cases tested have been exceeded: the highest per capita number among the Italian regions. The cases identified by screening activities are over 70%, demonstrating the importance of antigen tests “, he added.

Lazio in the yellow zone: what can be done and what not

At the moment there will therefore be no further restrictions, therefore. Among the essential rules to always remember there are: the obligation to wear a mask when leaving the house and the prohibition to leave the house between 10 pm and 5 am (you can only go out for reasons of work, health or need). The closure of shopping centers on holidays and the day before holidays has also been established, but food stores and pharmacies remain open inside them.

New Dpcm, self-certification: that’s when it’s needed


What can be done in the orange zone

In the event of a transition to the more rigid range, Lazio will have to adopt new rules. In the orange area it is possible to move only in your municipality from 5 to 22, without having to motivate the move. Movement to other municipalities and other regions is prohibited, except in cases of work, health or necessity. Furthermore, bars, restaurants, pastry shops and ice cream shops are closed in the orange zone.

Only take-away is allowed, up to 10 pm. In the case of take-out, it cannot be consumed near the premises. In the orange band, attendance will continue in preschools, elementary and middle schools.


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