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Meat substitute: how healthy are herbal alternatives? | NDR.de – Guide

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Meat substitutes are often hard to distinguish from real meat.

Vegetarian and vegan meat substitutes should look and taste like the original, for example salami, liver sausage, ham, meatballs and schnitzel. For many consumers, meat substitutes made from soy, tofu or seitan are considered healthy. But manufacturers often use a lot Sugar, fat and salt for a more intense taste.

Vegetable protein instead of meat

Many vegetarian substitutes are vegan and contain vegetable protein. As a rule, they are proteins from soy, peas or wheat. They are isolated, i.e. extracted from the natural raw material, concentrated and then rehydrated, i.e. shaped with water and oil. However, consumers with a birch pollen allergy can suffer from a cross allergy experience allergic reactions when consuming soy products,

A few products are not vegan, but vegetarian and are made from egg protein or milk.

Ingredients in meat substitutes are often unhealthy

In order to produce a meat-like consistency and a hearty taste from the vegetable proteins with water and oil, many manufacturers use flavors and additives.

  • There is often a lot in meat substitutes sugarwhich can lead to obesity and diabetes in large quantities.
  • Many products contain up to two grams salt per 100 grams and seasonings with flavor enhancers such as glutamate. The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) recommends a maximum of six grams of salt a day.
  • The share of fat meat substitutes are often 10 to 20 percent. The products are therefore not less fat than many conventional sausage and meat products.
  • Frequently Methyl cellulose used. The fiber is obtained from vegetable raw materials and used as a thickener. Methylcellulose is also contained in wallpaper paste, but is considered to be harmless.
  • Meat substitutes can Phosphates contain.

Meat substitutes are unnecessary for a balanced and varied vegetarian or vegan diet.

Further information

A nicely breaded schnitzel does not have to consist of meat. Combined with mushroom sauce and polenta, the vegetable escalope becomes a delicious meal for vegans.

Eating without meat and fish doesn’t have to be boring or bland. Great recipe ideas for a variety of delicious vegetarian dishes.

Processed cheese is popular, for example as a spread and on ready-made pizza. But phosphate salts in processed cheese can damage blood vessels, bones and muscles.

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