Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Media: Chinese scientists have created two effective drugs for the fight against lung cancer

BEIJING, April 21. / Corr. Nikolay Selishchev. Chinese experts have created two effective medicines to fight lung cancer at the last stage of the disease. As the newspaper reported on Friday China Daily , these medicines help even patients with a high degree of addiction to medicines.

One of the drugs is called antotinib hydrochloride, the second is fructitinib. The first of them was clinically tested in more than 30 foreign dispensaries and hospitals. According to the creators of the drug, it allows for a few months to prolong the patient’s life.

“Doctors around the world are facing the same problem – there is no [one] rule how to prescribe drugs to those who have the disease at the last stage and no drugs anymore, because the patient has taken them for a long time and got used to it, explained the head of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the Shanghai Hospital for Breast Cancer Treatment, Han Baohui, – “Antotinib hydrochloride allows you to delay the growth of the tumor and the development of adjacent blood vessels.” This medicine will be available for broad nificant during the current year. ”

The second drug, fructitinib, has also demonstrated its effectiveness and has already been tested in many countries around the world. It is expected that both medicines will play an important role in the fight against lung cancer at the last stage.

According to official statistics, more than 4.2 million people diagnosed with oncological diseases in China every year. The most common in the country is lung cancer, which also has the highest mortality rate.




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