Media: Michel Drucker stays on France Télévisions


Champs Elysees on Antenne 2 or even Hurry Sunday on France 2. The name of Michel Drucker is closely linked to the public service chain. An adventure that will continue in September, as he told the Journal du dimanche. As a matter of course, even if he admits having had desires elsewhere.

Is there a season too many? The question inevitably comes back to the table after more than half a century on the air. But for Michel Drucker, doubt does not seem to have existed. Not that one anyway. "I do not think so, but the last one maybe …" Fifty-six years on the air, fifty years on the public service. An eternity for those who describe themselves as a "picturesque vestige of the audiovisual". However, he admits having briefly questioned himself a few months ago: "Have I exceeded the expiry date? "Takis Candilis, the director of programs of France Televisions, would have made fun of him then. "What is this paranoid? Stop making a fixette on the age. It must be said that Drucker appears as the last of the Mohicans on the public service: Patrick Sebastien has closed this season the doors of his Grand Cabaret, Thierry Beccaro will no longer turn the balls of Motus and Julien Lepers is no longer a champion of questions … Michel Drucker resists and does not want to take off as Jean-Pierre Foucault, who has reduced the wing on TF1.

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A profile that appeals outside the public service

To reassure himself, however, Michel Drucker did not hesitate to go elsewhere, to check his value in case he should find a new base. An operation he would have considered reassuring since interest was evident in M6 or TF1. So much so that he would have really thought about going to C8 with Cyril Hanouna. "This is probably the most influential, the most successful man in the PAF, economically. A boy who dreams of being boss, who is already at C8 and who will go far. I talk with him regularly, "says Michel Drucker at Sunday newspaper.

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He nevertheless chose to stay on France 2, even after a reduction of 20% of the amount of his contract. A "huge sacrifice", as described the one whose fortune was estimated at 11 million euros in 2018. Probably because, at the same time, he manages other projects, including a new show, From you to me, planned for the month of January 2020. For Hurry Sunday, he already has in mind the next guests he dreams of: Kylian Mbappé and Brigitte Macron. A first lady whose husband had asked Michel Drucker for the secrets of longevity. " One, like you, I worked a lot. Two, like you, too, I was lucky. And three, like you, I was as worried in the success as in the expectation of success ", then confided the animator.


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