Medical students insist on asking not to join for non-healthcare tasks


The State Council of Medical Students (CEEM) has demanded that students who enter the work activity as contracted in front of the Coid-19 carry out non-assistance tasks.

“First of all, we ask that the Ministerial Order regulating the medical health aid contract be complied with, so that in the event that they are finally forced to contact sixth-grade students, they join in order to perform non-healthcare tasks . It is essential that the Medicine students, like the rest of the health professionals, have adequate protection both for their health and for the legal tasks they carry out, “defends its president, Antonio Pujol de Castro.

From the CEEM they denounce that some nursing homes “have even made contract offers to sixth-grade students that include tasks directly related to patient care, that do not have liability insurance and that do not have adequate supervision or protection, which which constitutes a risk for both the patient and the student and their environment2.

On the other hand, at a training level, they indicate in many universities both teaching and possible online evaluation have been implemented. “Thanks to online teaching, students can continue with their studies and raise questions with teachers. However, its implementation is being very uneven between different faculties and even in different courses,” they lament.

“In the higher Medicine courses, the teaching staff are usually doctors who are attending to patients right now due to the health crisis, so this measure is not being a reality for all the Medicine Degree courses,” they point out.

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Regarding the evaluation, the CEEM requests that it be appropriate to the contents that may have been taught ‘online’, and always with sufficient time frame between the convening of the examination and the completion of the test. In addition, they request that the universities take into account the access and availability of the students to the means necessary for the ‘online’ evaluation, doing a survey to detect and provide support to those particular cases that require it.

“The situation we are experiencing is a novelty for the whole of society, politics and the world of education. From CEEM we firmly believe that at this time, universities should listen to the opinion of the student body and make us part of the decision-making process to To be able to contribute constructively. Now more than ever, it is time for us to listen and work from consensus to reach the most favorable solutions for both parties, “concludes its Vice President of Training, Eva Gonz├ílez.

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