Medicine shipment to Baja California Sur fails

La Paz, Baja California Sur (OEM-Informex) .- The Secretary of Health of BCS, Víctor George Flores said the national tender has not made any extraordinary effort to send the state the medical supplies, healing materials and medicines that are required , since by the seventh month of 2020, what should be coming from said inputs does not exceed 15% of the supply that is needed and this – he stressed – is something that I insistently warned during my appearance in the State Congress , “Since the situation of national tenders worries us and although the situation is adverse, one way or another we have to move forward.”

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It is worth mentioning that during the meeting of the State Health Safety Committee, Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis announced that the use of mouth covers will be mandatory for those who go to the La Paz boardwalk to perform sports activities. “We cannot neglect and relax prevention measures. It is necessary to minimize any risk of contagion by covid-19, “said the president.

“Those who go to the boardwalk to exercise should use the mouth guard. To observe compliance with this provision of the Health Safety Committee, efforts will be coordinated with the City of La Paz through the tourist police as well as the State Preventive Police during the previously established hours, from 06:00 to 10:00 hours and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. ”, he explained.

George Flores said on the other hand that as of September 8, Baja California Sur registers 8,271 accumulated cases, of which there are 6,995 recovered, 431 deaths, 885 active and 142 suspects; La Paz being the municipality that heads the list with the highest number of cases, of which 560 cases are active and 205 deaths; followed by Los Cabos with 204 active and 147 deaths; Comondú with 33 active and 43 deaths; Loreto with 51 active and 7 deaths and Mulegé with 37 active and 29 deaths, which reflects a considerable decrease in the number of active cases, since the entity registered more than 2 thousand 857 active cases, which to date reflects a considerable decrease, however, the State Health Safety Committee foresees that the contagion rate could increase by 10 percent in the coming days due to the fact that the health traffic light of the entity decreased to level 4 and some activities were opened to take another step towards economic reactivation.

La Paz is the municipality that contributes the most cases with 4,295; Los Cabos with 2,498, Mulegé with 665, Comondú with 499 and Loreto with 314.

At a press conference, the Secretary of Health Víctor George Flores reported that the number of hospitalized patients in the entity continues to decrease, because the number of these patients does not exceed the 200 line, as of today the entity has 137 patients hospitalized patients, and a decrease in intubated patients is reflected, since from having 83, the figure decreased to 47, “until now in Baja California Sur we have 8,271 accumulated positive cases, 885 active patients, and the number of hospitalized patients has not exceeds the line of 200 patients, we have reached 232 hospitalized patients, and right now we are talking about that we have 137 hospitalized patients related to Covid-19, and in the case of intubated patients we have reached 83, and as of today we have 47, in all of the institutions of the health sector here in the state, ”said George Flores.

Meanwhile, while at the national level the fatality rate for Covid-19 stands at 10.75, in Baja California Sur it is 5.26, although this entity has the third highest rate of infections in the country with 885 per 100 thousand inhabitants, against 518 which is the national average; This is due to the increase in the number of samples taken, and a large percentage of asymptomatic people have been found with whom preventive measures have been taken so that they do not transmit the disease to the rest of the population.

55.2% of the diagnoses have been made in the Ministry of Health; 36.6% in the Mexican Institute of Social Security; 5.9% by ISSSTE and the rest by SEDENA, SEMAR and private hospitals.


On average, Baja California Sur is ranked second in the states in the rate that perform the highest number of Covid-19 tests since the start of the pandemic, with 2,379 tests per 100,000 inhabitants, against the test rate. at the national level, which is 1,134, therefore, BCS is exceeding the national rate of tests, and despite having a greater number of tests, the positivity is lower with 45.3 positivity.

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The number of tests carried out as of September 8, 2020 in Baja California Sur, is 20 thousand 750, of which 9 thousand 421 have been carried out by the immediate response team, who have gone to the homes of suspected patients to perform the same; 4 thousand 968 have been carried out in hospital medical units; 5 thousand 837 has made the Mexican Institute of Social Security; while 524 has carried out the epidemiological monitoring team of the entity.


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