Medicine shortage for serious COVID-19 patients

In addition, he mentioned that there is a problem in buying antithrombotic drugs that help prevent the appearance of embolisms, as they are part of the symptoms and sequelae that the coronavirus leaves in the patient. He invited the public to take care of themselves and go to the hospital in case of presenting symptoms as soon as possible, since in recent weeks the population “Unfortunately they are arriving late, already very complicated, they arrive at the emergency room and are very serious.”

He explained that during December 888 poblanos have been hospitalized, but only 598 graduated, so there is a surplus of 310 spaces. Stressed that As of December 21, daily income has oscillated by 50, being the sector of 50 to 70 years those that are most contagious and interned in a hospital.

In the territory there are 70 municipalities, out of 217, which concentrate 1,253 active cases, with 600 outpatients and 653 hospitalized, of which 97 are serious and require assistance from a mechanical ventilator to continue with their treatment.



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