Medicines stolen for children with cancer

The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) alerted about the oncology drug theft for children. A total of 37,956 pieces were stolen from the company’s facilities Novag Infancia SA de CV in Mexico City.

This information was confirmed by the regulator in charge of Jose Alonso Novelo Baeza, after being made known by the journalist Ana Francisca Vega and the parents of children with cancer reported that last Friday, October 9, they held a meeting with government authorities in National Palace, where the crime was revealed to them.

Israel Rivas, father of a minor who lives with this disease, shared with EL UNIVERSAL that at the meeting in the Secretary of Finance, based in the National Palace, they were personally informed about the robbery; however, the parents do not know what to believe, because they were only shown the health alert and not an investigation folder on the theft.

“They show us the report of Cofepris, but there is no investigation folder, in addition the authorities have not come out to say anything, they would have announced it in the morning or something like that, it is very serious because they are medicines that thousands of children need, it gives us a lot of courage and impotence because they are lives of our children, ”said the man.

According to the Cofepris health alert, the robbery occurred on October 7; the stolen drugs were manufactured by Laboratorio Kemex SA, and they are presentations of daunorubicin, fluorouracil, oxaliplatin, dacarbazine, mitomycins, etoposide, idarubicin, cyclophosphamide and epirubicin, which have health registration.

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The drugs with the most stolen pieces are: 10-milligram epirubicin, with 4,480 replicates, as well as 5-milligram idarubicin, and 5-milligram mitomycins (comes in a box with a bottle with the same amount) and 200-milligram dacarbazine, box with a jar, with 4,160 pieces.

In contrast to the health alert previously released in the official version, Cofepris recalls that cancer drugs must be prescribed and applied under the supervision and control of health professionals.

“It is reiterated to the population – warns the institution – that the stolen oncological drugs are for the exclusive use of the Health sector, so they cannot be purchased in private pharmacies, private hospitals or through the internet and social networks.

“It is recommended to purchase medications only in pharmacies and legally established points of sale, always request proof of purchase for future clarifications or returns. Do not buy drugs for the exclusive use of the Health sector ”.

The regulator in charge of José Alonso Novelo Baeza invited the company to raise the health complaint in case of detecting products contained in the list, as well as any establishment that puts them up for sale.

Consequently, the parents of children with cancer from various hospitals in the country called a press conference for next Tuesday, October 13, at the Monument to the Revolution, the appointment is at 12:00 hours and is intended to announce the legal actions that they will take in order to guarantee the supply of medicines for their children, in addition to making known the positive advances that have been obtained with the work groups with federal government agencies.

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