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meet the new actress from Edificio Corona

It was in a photograph that Fernando Godoy published, in which he appears with members of the television series, that the actress could be seen Fernanda Finsterbusch with them.

The publication featured the actresses Vivianne Dietz (Rubí), Magdalena Müller (Esmeralda), Hitzka Nudelman (Macarena), Dayana Amigo (Carolina), the actor Max Salgado (Miguel) and, in addition, the young Fernanda who, in real life , he’s only 20 years old.

But who is this actress? It is not currently part of the Mega TV series, although it will soon be.

According to her Instagram stories, her first appearance will be this Monday in the advance of the next chapter, so we will see her debut, officially, on Tuesday.

“I don’t think I can tell you what I’m going to, that is, the character, because it’s like a spoiler, obviously, but I warn you anyway,” he commented and, furthermore, assured that “it’s easy”, since several people have guessed his paper.

Who will you play? There are two options: Sofía, Macarena’s ex-girlfriend; or Miguelito’s mother, the baby who was abandoned in the building, assuring that the father is Miguel, the character of Max Salgado.

Fernanda also took the opportunity to publish a photograph on her Instagram in which she is seen with a smile, posing in front of the Mega logo.

“Corona Building New adventureaaaa! From learning and experience, to just thanking and enjoying getting to know this strange new format, ”he wrote.

He also added that he will appear on the television series in “Monday’s preview (I think I counted the chapters well … I think)”, concluding that “I asked a lady to take a photo with the Mega logo for my family , it deserved to be uploaded ”.

It is worth mentioning that the actress from the Catholic University has also had other appearances in soap operas, such as the nighttime “100 days to fall in love”, as well as starring in the Chilean horror film “Against the demon”, where she acted alongside María José Prieto, Julio Milostich, Solange Lackington, Agustín Moya and Alonso Quintero, among others.

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