Meghan and Harry’s fears came true: The cruelest punishment came from the palace!

They wanted to earn themselves, to exist as independent units, so they survived. As the former royal couple collected a fat package from Netflix, Charles (71) decided that his financial support was no longer needed. Not a penny will come from the kingdom anymore.

It took a while, but in the end they achieved what they proclaimed from the beginning. Namely, that they feed themselves. Thanks to a billion-dollar streaming business, an astronomical sum landed in their lap. Finally, they can relieve Prince Charles, who has so far had their livelihood on his shoulders.

Meghan Markel on pressure in the royal family:

To truly demonstrate responsibility and self-sufficiency, to Meghan and Harry the British public also urged. After signing a lucrative contract with Netflix, she immediately began to demand that they pay for the costly renovation of Frogmore Cottage. Let them honor them that they did it soon after. According to the website, they were to return 2.4 million pounds (approximately 70 million crowns) to the budget of the royal family.

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