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Meghan Markle praised for humanizing the "onion problem" while an expert reveals how to deal with this problem

They are ugly, painful and a source of shame – but even glamorous royalty can have onions.

Meghan Markle is believed to have had an operation after footage of her bare feet appeared on her New Zealand tour.

Onions are bony bumps in the inside of the feet, forming on the joint of the toe. They make the big toe point to the wrong side and tend to get worse.

Kumar Kunasingam, orthopedic specialist of keyhole onions, said: "Onions can affect anyone on this planet.

"It's good that Meghan can humanize the situation and show that even royalties can reach it. Otherwise, people suffer in silence and this can be debilitating physically and mentally. "

Onions can be inherited. Kumar estimates that nearly one in four will have it.

But they can be caused by stress on your foot or by arthritis.

Meghan went barefoot

They trigger painful inflammation around the toe and can affect your self-confidence and your sanity.

"We can not rest, we have to walk," said Kumar, 41.

"People are often embarrassed, hiding their feet and avoiding surgery because they have heard horror stories told by others."

Surgery involves removing bone mass and realigning the toe. But Kumar says that there are other steps to take to improve the health of your feet.

A diagnosis is essential. It is therefore important that you consult your general practitioner to find out more about your onions. There could be arthritis in the joint, which would require a different treatment plan.

They will see what is causing your pain and can lead you to the next step.

Onions are bony bumps in the inside of the feet, forming on the joint of the toe. They hurt the big toe and tend to make it worse

But correcting the onions does not have to be expensive. Women do not need to buy special shoes. They can buy men's shoes instead.

A wider fit will avoid rubbing, so look at shoes like Converse, sneakers or brogue shoes.

If your onions are burning, check your lifestyle. See what hurts them and rest your feet.

Studies have shown that pain can also be born elsewhere in the body due to work-related stress or personal problems.

Although we do not think high heels help onions, it is not necessary to avoid them.

Wear rather shoes that do not cover the top of the onions and do not rub them.

Kumar says he is inspired by Meghan, "a smart shoe wearer," who has heels further. If the pain and deformity become excessive, talk to a doctor about the surgery.

Operations are much easier now.

Years ago, people were put in plaster boots and their recovery time could last several months. But these days, with minimally invasive surgery, you can walk immediately afterwards.

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