Melanoma, 90% of patients recover, but rising cases among young people

To emphasize is the Italian Association of Medical Oncology (AIOM), according to which 1 patient out of 5, among the new cases, it has less than 40 years

Melanoma, today, it’s less scary, because about 90% of patients can heal but on the other hand, the increase in cases among young people given that 1 patient in 5 has less than 40 years. To underline this point is the “Notebook of information on Melanoma of the Skin”, edited by the Italian Association of Medical Oncology (AIOM), to make known to all citizens with the information on how to prevent and defend against this cancer.

Bad habits


Tumors: melanoma, possible new effects from a mix of drugs

As you read in the press release issued by Aiom, today the melanoma scares less and increase the hopes for the more than 2,000 patients a year are diagnosed with advanced disease that are able to heal, in half of the cases. Those related to the new patients are on the increase especially among young people: the data in the possession of the experts say that 20% of the 12,000 new diagnoses recorded in Italy in 2019, regarded under 40. “Due mainly to bad habits with exposure to ultraviolet radiation, natural and artificial where the risks are still too underestimated,” say the doctors who invite you to not let your guard down. “A careful inspection of the skin and an annual visit to the dermatologist especially in the case of in” is the appeal launched.

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The importance of diagnosis

“If recognized early, melanoma can be successfully treated with surgery because unlike other cancers it is visible,” explained Stefania Gori, president of the fondazione Aiom and the director of the department of oncology, IRCCS Sacro Cuore Don Calabria, Negrar in Valpolicella (VR). “However, with the passing of time can spread to other organs and be fatal. For this it is crucial to pay attention to your skin and following a checkup by a dermatologist once a year, and turning immediately to the specialist for any change in the appearance of the skin. You must do more for prevention, also with an exposure to the sun, realized and protected: unfortunately, the risks related to ultraviolet radiation are natural and also to tanning beds are still too underestimated in particular by young people,” he added.

New therapies

In the “Notebook on Cutaneous Melanoma,” the doctors explain that the human being has approximately 2 square meters of skin. Long melanoma has been one of the cancers most feared, but today, they say that you can defeat, given that 87% of sufferers survive five years and one out of two survives even with a diagnosis of advanced disease. The credit for that goes to the early diagnosis and surgery, but also to the innovations that come from the various treatments, such as “the new adjuvant therapies with molecular target drugs and specific immunotherapy have increased the survival of patients with melanoma operated on with lymph node positive and patients with advanced melanoma”. The work of the fondazione Aiom aims to explain in a simple manner and complete the risk factors, how to perform the diagnosis, the analysis and the characterization of melanomas, which are the treatments in the case of early stage disease or advanced and, above all, what are the precautions that help to prevent cancer.

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