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The idea is simple: every day, on your smartphone or computer, we offer a lesson on a theme with a series of questions, to stimulate your memory and your knowledge in a fun and personalized way.

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Mathilde Aubier

EWhat if you played with your memory? And if you could muscle it? The talk? Make it live? And what about the pleasure of this particular effort that consists in finding a date, a place, a name, an event, the title of a film, that of a book? The satisfaction of learning, memorizing, understanding. Give yourself ten minutes a day of brain enjoyment, as you would get a gym, crossword or Sudoku. Get out of the noise of immediacy to find the great and small moments that make history, from the seventy-five years of the archives of the World. Preparing for exams, working on her general culture without the impression of working on her.

The world launches Mémorable, a new application of general culture and brain training, available on The idea is simple: every day, on your smartphone, your tablet or your computer, in the subway, the bus, a waiting room, a sofa, your office, we offer a lesson on a theme with a series questions, excerpts from articles from our archives since 1944, photos, videos. Ten minutes a day to read and exercise your memory by answering our questions and discovering our corrections, immediate, personalized, accompanied by tracks of deepening. You can then revise, according to your results and … your desires.

We are convinced that journalism can and must demonstrate pedagogy, connect contemporary issues with burning news, illuminate the present with the memory of the past, offer a keen eye on complex issues – just like this issue. special of our supplement "Science & Medicine". We are also convinced that it is possible to have fun while learning, and even more so while progressing. Space conquest? The fate of John Fitzgerald Kennedy? The fall of the Berlin Wall ? Women's right to vote ? Great scientific discoveries? The lives of Romain Gary? The highlights of the Olympic Games? The story of the New Wave in the cinema? The beginnings of the Internet?

In partnership with Gymglish, a start-up specialized in online training, our journalists and documentalists have immersed themselves in our archives and have designed these lessons with the same rigor, the same passion, the same ambition as to achieve, every day , the newspaper. You will remember …

Luc Bronner (editorial director of Le Monde)

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