‘Men and Women’, Daniele Dal Moro makes a revelation on the epilogue of his throne, then lets himself go to an unexpected comment on the book by Martina Nasoni

Straightforward and direct as usual Daniele Dal Moro he didn’t use filters to answer the questions his curious fans chose to ask him about Instagram.

The former competitor of the sixteenth edition of Big Brother, last year, he was chosen for ascend the throne of Men and women, but the spread of the Coronavirus interrupted the dating show and also his journey which had just begun. Despite this, some tronists have decided to choose the same while he did not, leaving one of his suitors amazed in particular, Angelica Di Lagno, that to us of IsaeChia he hadn’t hidden all his sorrow.

A few months after that (not) choice, Daniele its Instagram he explained the reason, not sparing some very strong statements against his former suitors: “When they gave me back the social media I read the messages that many of them had written to me and I saw the video statements that some of them had made. I sum it up .. Result: a neuron in 4. I didn’t choose anyone. I am not like the others (you already know this). I do not do anything to build myself a fake ship to scrape together 2 junk followers! I will sponsor other slimming creams and herbal teas “.

The tronista, outspoken, has also commented on the new book of his ex Martina Nasoni, recently in the bookshop with his biography This heart beats for both of us, releasing a rather unexpected comment. Who asked him if he would buy and read the book Dal Moro in fact, he stated: “If you give it to me, I can place it somewhere in my humble abode”. Words that soon reached the person concerned who did not hesitate to reply: “Are you sure you want my big face at home that stares at you day and night? “. “No” he commented Daniele.

An exchange of words that finally seals a definitive peace between them after the many bickering of the past? What do you think of his words?

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