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Men who eat junk food are more likely to have low sperm counts, the study says

Men are more likely to have small testicles and low sperm count if they eat junk food, a study found.

Research shows that those on a diet rich in fish, chicken, fruit, vegetables and water produce the most sperm and have the largest testicles.

Eating processed foods and red meat has the opposite effect, according to Harvard University.

The results come after researchers analyzed the health and diet of 2,935 men with an average age of 19 years during military service entrance exams.

The size of the male testicle was measured and the number, shape and swimming capacities of their sperm were also analyzed, reports The Sun.

According to the study leader, dr. Feiby Nassan, men can increase their chances of becoming a dad by eating a balanced diet.

Eating pizzas, hamburgers and chips can reduce a man’s sperm count

He added: “Adherence to generally healthy dietary patterns has been associated with better semen quality, with potentially more favorable fertility potential among adult men.”

The study results, published in the journal JAMA Network Open, show that vegetarians rank second when it comes to measuring testicular size and sperm.

Those who follow a Scandi diet based on milk and smoked fish come in third place, with junk food junkies last.

Men on a healthy diet had an average of 167 million sperm per load and a testicular volume of 13.7 ml.

Those who regularly ate processed foods and red meat averaged only 122 million and 13.1 ml.

Every man who participated in the study was Danish and underwent medical tests as part of a suitability check for military service.

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Last June, a junk food diet was reported to reduce the fertility of men aged 18 to 20.

The sperm count of those who ate pizzas, hamburgers and chips was 26 million fewer than those on a “healthy” diet, the US scientists found.

The results suggested that red meat, bread and sugary drinks lowered the sperm count. Hormone levels in men who ate more junk food suggested that the cells that produced sperm were permanently damaged.

The professor. Allan Pacey, of Sheffield University, a fertility expert, said: “With pizza, chips and red meat we know that antioxidant stress increases and that it hurts sperm.”


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