mercato, Bafé Gomis, Boudjellal … Claude Joye tells us everything!

Mercato Bafé Gomis, Boudjellal … Claude Joye spoke on the club’s official website to discuss hot topics at SC Toulon.

Claude Joye’s interview

“We were, since the end of the championships, awaiting decisions from the French Football Federation, while conducting negotiations on the sporting and structural level. That of the demotion in National 2 fell last Tuesday following the decision of the COMEX of the FFF. It is a decision that we regret and put everything in place to legally defend the interest of the club. However, we have taken note of this and can now move forward fully in preparation for next season.

The 2019-2020 sports results were not up to our expectations and our investments and I am one of the first affected. The strong choices considered during the off-season, to promote youth and high-potential profiles did not pay off. You have to know how to take a step back in order to draw lessons, and build solidly for a quick return to the professional world.

Sports descents are part of the life of a club, but the important thing is to continue in the development and professionalization of the structure to build a viable project over time. The period of health and financial crisis that our country is going through right now shows us the importance of ensuring stability in the management of the club. It has been our priority for many years and it is what allows us to calmly overcome this crisis, which will affect many clubs.

Regarding the first team, Victor Zvunka will no longer be on the bench next year. We are currently in contact with many coaches with interesting profiles. Now that we know the level in which we will evolve, the discussions should go much faster.

About Pascal Dupraz, we have been in contact with him since last September. There has always been a common desire to collaborate without being able at the moment to find an acceptable financial agreement that does not put the club at risk.

In terms of the staff of the pennant team, I never hid my desire to bring Karim Masmoudi back to Sporting because I believe that it was one of the essential elements of the different past climbs and I regret not having been able keep it last season, unable to align us financially with its other offer. He should join us soon with the functions of assistant coach and sports coordinator.

Since Friday, we have also received all the players from the National group.
Here is the state of play of the workforce 2020 – 2021:

Players retained: Ouasfane, Sahnoune, Leleu, Moulet, Bayo, Delgado, Chergui, Gomis, Medoukali
Players under contract but the club is ready to release: Caumet, Seye, Mendy, Pioton, Mama, Ghrieb, Diallo
Ongoing discussions: Andréani, Muyumba, Ranieri, Etcheverria, Coulibaly, Fall, Disantantonio
Departures: Guilavogui, Philippe, Barbier, Soumaré, Pahama, Preira, Pinheiro, Zouaoui, Sylla, Tchintcho
Regarding a possible arrival of Bafétimbi Gomis, we regularly discuss the development of the club but I would like to specify that it would cost Sporting more than 10 times its annual budget so that it can join Toulon next season.

We have nevertheless targeted and contacted certain players whom we would like to recruit for next season in order to build the most competitive group possible and to play as quickly as possible in the National rally.

Regarding discussions with Mourad Boudjellal, I have always been attentive and made the best possible efforts to promote rapprochement, even to the detriment of financial investments made for several seasons.

We first met on February 7 to discuss everyone’s goals and interests. This first exchange, courteous, allowed us to present the club as a whole, and the few specificities related to the world of football, more particularly legal.

I told him not to be a seller but to be interested in his coming, especially because of his strong media and economic potential. He, never having expressed the will to buy the club, offered us a collaboration model on which we found an oral agreement during our second meeting in late February.

Since then, we have had many discussions to put these conditions in writing and this is how we met this Friday to sign a confidentiality agreement allowing him to carry out a structural audit for a period of 2 weeks maximum.

We want to move quickly and will not let this situation drag on, because the preparation for next season is already well advanced. At the level of team 1, but also in terms of training, associative project, youth teams, the women’s section and the futsal section.

We can in particular welcome the signing of Morgan Guilavogui at Paris FC, which is a symbol of the quality of training in Toulon. I wish him good luck for the rest of his career and thank him for what he has brought to the club for many years (in young and senior teams).

We will be communicating very soon on most of these subjects with significant developments which constitute real key stages in the development of the entity “Azur et Or”, which is now the first club in the South region in number of licensees.

Be assured of my intention and all my efforts, oriented only for the good of the club and its sustainable development.

Let us remain united and make the Toulon Sporting Club move forward together.
The Azur et Or adventure continues… “

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