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Mercato: Paqueta to PSG, the wrong idea? – Soccer

Performing with Olympique Lyonnais, Lucas Paqueta remains on Leonardo’s shelves at Paris Saint-Germain. An interest in the Brazilian attacking midfielder that is not to everyone’s taste.

Paqueta flat always Leonardo.

Lucas Paqueta (24) at Paris Saint-Germain, the idea is not excluded. In the sights of the capital club when it was still flying Flamengo, the midfielder finally joined AC Milan in winter 2019. A short experience for the current Olympique Lyonnais player, who had been attracted to San Siro by Leonardo, since returned to Paris.

The much thicker leather, a greater experience, the Rhone playmaker always capsizes the Parisian sports director, who thinks he will recover at the end of the season. A logical interest which is not to everyone’s taste.

A useless reinforcement for Rothen

Indeed, some voices are raised against this potential transfer which could cost 60 million euros to the leader of Ligue 1. Jrme Rothen is notably one of the skeptics. PSG are right to think of good players, no worries. But I think that before thinking about Paqueta, you have to think something else. Dj, create a collective because this is the problem of PSG. When you put yourself on Paqueta in the middle of the season, it is also not to put your finger where it hurts, where the problems of PSG are. PSG don’t need a number 10, because I agree with Juninho it’s not a number 9 , explained the consultant for RMC.

For Rothen, the arrival of Paqueta would unbalance an already fragile locker room a little more. Then there is the mentality. This is not to insult the Brazilians or the Argentines, but there is a balance to be had. You are going to add a player who is Brazilian, who is close to Neymar, who takes his example. In the field, why not, even if they have opposing styles, but if he also takes an example from his lifestyle, we are in bad shape. , continued the former Parisian, who has not forgotten the Rennes penalty case. When you’re on the collective, you don’t do what Rennes did , he added.

Little is not convinced

An observation shared by Emmanuel Petit. The 1998 world champion said he was surprised by Leonardo’s interest in Paqueta after his failure in Milan. He will be an average player as he was in Milan. I find it hard to imagine that it could work , supported the former Arsenal player, unconvinced by the player’s state of mind. Pochettino and his staff know very well what the collective problems are at PSG. It is not a question of quality, it is a question of mentality. When I see Paqueta’s first few months he is praised by the whole of Ligue 1 and it was exhilarating to watch him. Strangely, as soon as there were problems on the pitch, some arrived in the locker room. Today, we realize that it does not have the same performance , ended Petit. So, Paqueta, a false good idea for this PSG?

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