August 23, 2019

Newsy Today

Mercato: Zidane retains Navas and Neymar household

Zinédine Zidane the French coach of Real Madrid has closed the door to a departure from his keeper Keylor Navas (32). Thursday, the sports press of the Spanish capital explained that the porter from Costa Rica had asked his leaders to leave the White House to engage with PSG.

The reason ? The Costa Rican international does not want to be the lineup of the Belgian Thibaut Courtois in the goals of Real Madrid this season. "I can not imagine the team without Keylor Navas, reacted Zidane, this Friday in a press conference. I do not plan to leave. He has always been an important player for us. Keylor did not tell me he wanted to leave. "

Neymar? "I do not know what's going to happen"

Fool's game? Perhaps. But the 1998 world champion does not seem willing to part with his second goalkeeper to a little more than 10 days from the end of the summer transfer window. A Keylor Navas that would have even been included in a money + players offer that Real Madrid could have sent to PSG to recruit Neymar.

Regarding the Brazilian star, Zidane was much more evasive. "I understand that it can speak (Editor's note: Neymar's transfer), but I do not know what will happen, "said ZZ leaving, this time, the door ajar.