Mercedes Milá is vaccinated against Covid and sends a message to Miguel Bosé

Mercedes Milá gets vaccinated.

Mercedes Mila you have already received the Covid-19 vaccine. The veteran presenter, who turned 70 on April 5, has shared this important moment with all her followers on Instagram and has spoken out clearly about Miguel Bosé’s denial.

“I cannot deny that having the luck that a diligent nurse punctured my left arm this afternoon, I thought of Miguel, of my friend of so many years, Miguel Bosé,” the communicator begins writing, who was vaccinated a day after the last installment of Jordi Évole’s interview with the singer was broadcast.

Is it poetic justice that last night he made many of us suffer, with Jordi Évole at the head, and today it was my turn to wear it like so many 70-year-olds? I would not be surprised “, reflects Milá, who, although he makes clear his rejection of Bosé’s thought about vaccines, does not hide the affection he feels towards his friend:”I love Miguel even though I don’t share his words“.

In his long message, which he accompanies along with a photograph of the moment in which he received the vaccine, Milá pays “a small tribute to all the nurses in our country who are in charge of filling the needles. “They say they do not feel recognized. Here you have my support, my gratitude and appreciation for so many exhausting hours and so many days of dedication,” he says.

Even this was acknowledged by Bosé last night when Jordi asked him to: he joined in thanking scientists, doctors, nurses and nurses, social workers and all those who remain at the foot of the beds saving lives, all those who in one way or another are helping against this lethal virus “, Milá concludes.

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