Mercedes will reveal the luxurious and futuristic interior of the EQS model in a new video

The new video offers a look into the premium interior of the upcoming EQS electric sedan, which is dominated by the unique Hyperscreen infotainment.

Mercedes-Benz is preparing to introduce its flagship electric sedan, which will become the EQS model. And, as is customary with a brand with a three-pointed star in the emblem, it offers us a number of small revelations before the premiere. In the past, we got acquainted with the electric drive system, the new Hyperscreen dashboard, and now comes the first look into the interior.

The video first introduces us to Kai Jardner, a futurist for the Mercedes-Benz brand, followed by the head of the interior design department, Hartmut Sinkwitz, and user experience expert Nina Hallier. In the video, each of them explains the reasons why the interior of the new EQS is so unique and revolutionary.

In the video, for example, Jardner reveals that he started working on the EQS model six years ago. During this time, he and his colleagues had to deal with several challenges and choose strategies to approach many issues, such as how to combine the concept of luxury with the concepts of sustainability and digitization. Or how to customize the interface for people and technology to collaborate on their own.

But while Jardner had to deal with creative challenges, Hartmut Sinkwitz, head of interior design, had to turn them into the real world. However, he evidently accepted this challenge with enthusiasm, as it gave him the opportunity to start with an unwritten sheet of paper and create something completely new. At the same time, he still stuck to the DNA of the brand, which should be a combination of a traditional and a premium manufacturer looking to become a pioneer.


The main goal of his team was to create a complete “wow” effect. The new car is supposed to look like something that came to us from the future, but has been modified for use today. What exactly can we imagine under that? In the video, Sinkwitz shows, for example, a door handle moving after a brief touch or opening the sunroof with gestures. However, great attention is paid mainly to the glazed and curved dashboard with three Hyperglass screens, which we recently introduced.

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Nina Hallier then adds that technology must never seem complicated. MBUX infotainment systems should therefore be developed to offer natural and easy operation. Thanks to the ability to learn, the new MBUX system is also able to better understand the needs of the crew with each new ride. MBUX thus basically becomes a personal assistant.

Although the carmaker has not yet revealed the exact date of the premiere of the new EQS, we will probably not have to wait long. Production should start in the first half of this year.


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