Mercy Judge Haaland Yellow Card … to Request an Signature!


Erling Haaland seems to be the idol of one of the referees for the Manchester City vs Borussia Dortmund match. Haaland until asked for an autograph!

Haaland failed to continue his sharpness when appearing in the Champions League because he was unable to break into Man City’s goal in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals on Wednesday (7/4) early morning WIB.

In that match, Erling Haaland was actually able to provide one assist for Marco Reus’ goal, which was Dortmund’s only reply for a pair of goals from Man City. Dortmund lost 1-2 at the Citizens headquarters.

Thanks to his expertise on the field, Erling Haaland has attracted the interest of many clubs. His future at Dortmund is also being widely speculated about. Man City is one of the clubs that Haaland is now linked with.

The greatness of Erling Haaland apparently also captivated one of the line referees who served in the Manchester City vs Borussia Dortmund match. To the point that even Haaland’s signature was requested!

This was revealed from the video footage from the tunnel from the field to the changing room. At that time, Haaland was seen walking and greeting the line judge in his path.

Well, at that moment the linesman seemed to summon Erling Haaland. He then took out a yellow card and stationery from his pocket, which he gave to the footballer. Haaland also signed the yellow card.

Reported SportBible, the incident of the line judge referee asking for Erling Haaland’s signature no doubt led to various comments from netizens on Twitter social media.

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“The line judge asked for Haaland’s autograph in the tunnel! This is the level of refereeing we get in the Champions League,” said one netizen.

“The line judge was seen asking Erling Haaland to sign his yellow card, complete with a pen. The normal behavior of a referee in the Champions League quarterfinals,” said another sarcastically.



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