Meritxell Batet, candidate of Pedro Snchez to preside over the Congress, and Manuel Cruz, for the Senate

Meritxell Batet

Meritxell Batet, Minister of Territorial Policy.

The acting Minister of Territorial Policy,Meritxell Batet, and the senator,Manuel Cruz, two Catalan politicians, the two members of the PSC, will lead the Congress and the Senate.

The acting President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez,insists on his gestures to Cataloniaand in its commitment to the dialogue, as Miquel Iceta's proposal to direct the Senate has already demonstrated, which the boycott of the pro-independence movement has prevented.

TheFederal Executivehe meets this morning to officially approve the candidacies of the two Socialists who will preside over the Cortes Generales. Although it is abouttwo decisions that have been taken since, Sanchez has not communicated until the last moment. But he wanted to unveil his plans for the Senate and announced the name of Iceta, which the separatists have rejected. In any case, the proposal was always two Catalans, for the Congress and for the Senate.

The refusal of the independentistas to consent to the election of Iceta as senator by territorial appointment as a previous step, has frustrated the initial tandem. Now the performance of ERC and Junts pel Catalunya, who voted against,has been left in the hands of the decision on the appeal presented before the Constitutional Court. But at a rally yesterday in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias Sanchez had already warned the separatists that "they do not want solutions, they want to live from the conflict but I am going to give them bad news, solutions, coexistence, fraternity and concord, habr, because there are thousands of Catalans and Spaniards who want to leave the conflict behind and look forward ". Only a few hours later, the names of Batet and Cruz transcend.

The senator of the PSC, Manuel Cruz.

In substitution of Iceta assume the presidency of the Cmara Alta, Manuel Cruz,Philosopherand one of the independents who nurtured the candidacy to the Congress in the last legislature. His passage now to the Senate impels him to the presidency.

The message is the same as with Iceta:a person recognized and valued by Catalan society and who can exercise the role of arbitrator, of referent before a possible new negotiation process with the Generalitat.

Although the Socialists had filed an appeal with the TC for the veto of Iceta andthey are convinced that the court will give them the right, the options of the first secretary of the Catalan Socialists expired yesterday, when they knocked down their election in the Parlament. Manuel Cruz be president of the Senate throughout the legislature, is not a chosen name while waiting for the Iceta is resolved, as confirmed by socialist sources.

Snchez makes it abundantly clear the importance he gives to the Catalan crisisduring his term. Not just a Catalan in the Senate, the territorial chamber par excellence. Also in Congress. There is not a single doubt that he tries to translate thatCatalonia has a role to play within Spain. While the independence movement pulls an arm of Catalan society, the chief executive in office pulls the other.

Party sources recall that there was not a Catalan president in Congress "since the Transition" and in the Senate "from the First Republic." Faced with the attempts of the separatists to isolate Catalonia, the PSOE proposes that"they have a lot to contribute to the whole of Spain". And therefore two Catalans copan two of the most important institutions of the State.

Curiously, Cruz was the number two for Barcelona as an independent in the 2016 elections, in a candidacy headed by Meritxell Batet itself. He was one of the 15 deputies of the Socialist Group that voted against the inauguration of Mariano Rajoy as president of the Government, when the majority of the group opt for abstention and has been a spokesperson for the PSOE in the Science, Innovation and Universities Committee.

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