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Germany has evidence of Russia’s involvement in a cyber attack on the Bundestag in 2015, conducted as part of the “hybrid war,” Merkel said. Berlin may retaliate, although it wants to maintain good relations with Moscow

Angela Merkel

(Photo: Michel Kappeler / Reuters)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced “strong evidence” of Russia’s involvement in the “outrageous” cyber attack on the Bundestag system in 2015. It is reported by Handelsblatt.

“I take these things very seriously,” she said, answering questions from parliamentarians. According to the Chancellor, this attack was part of a “hybrid war strategy”, which also includes misrepresentation and disorientation. “It’s not just a coincidence, it’s a strategy,” she says.

Germany put on the wanted list of Russian accused of hacker attacks

Photo: Alexander Zemlyanichenko / AP

When asked by the Bundestag members about the possible consequences, Merkel replied: “Of course, we always reserve the right to take measures, including against Russia.”

At the same time, the German Chancellor noted that she would like to maintain good relations with Russia, but Moscow’s actions impede “confidential cooperation” between the countries.


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