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Merkel resumes work after completing quarantine

The German Chancellor,Angela Merkel, He has resumed his work in the office after completing two weeks of self-imposed confinement after coming into contact with a doctor sick with coronavirus, as reported by German government spokesman Steffen Seibert on Friday.

The chancellor’s return occurs on a day when thetotal balance of fatalities in the country amounts to 1,017deaths, while the total number of confirmed cases rises to 79,696 and places Germany as the fifth in the world in number of cases, behind the United States, Italy, Spain and China, the latter country in which the pandemic.

Bavaria remains the most affected state, with 20,237 cases, another 1,741 cases more, and with a total of 307 deaths, followed by North Rhine Westphalia, with 16,606 infections, another 1,179 more in 24 hours, and 178 fatalities. In third place is Baden Wuertemberg, which has added another 1,397 infections and now stands at 16,059 cases and 285 deaths.

Now,“the chancellor is already working in her office with all the appropriate protection measures”, according to Seibert, after the president went into quarantine on March 22. He decided to stay at his home, despite successfully passing the coronavirus test up to three times.

Merkel thus returns to Berlin, the German capital, where the total number of infections also exceeds another threshold, that of 3,000 cases, with 3,202 infections (232 more than on Thursday), and 20 deaths to date. At present, fatalities have already been registered in the 16 federal states that make up Germany.

Meanwhile, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the German government agency responsible for monitoring infectious diseases, has recommended in recent hours to the German Government to further increase the number of coronavirus tests to successfully control the epidemic. The country has the capacity to carry out up to500,000 tests per weekBut you should increase that to more than a million weekly, or 200,000 tests per day.

“Efficiency needs to be further increased”, The head of the institute, Lothar Wieler, who has also asked the German population to persevere in their respect for quarantine rules, has warned. “We are at the beginning of this epidemic and we cannot let the rules decrease,” he added in statements collected by ‘Der Spiegel’.


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