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Message to smartphone if trying to mate; China also monitors sheep

China has long had a bad reputation for monitoring its citizens. It is reported that China is constantly monitoring the animals. According to Chinese media reports, the sheep are being monitored regularly with the help of artificial intelligence. The Wert City Farm in Shanghai has installed this system on sheep.

The explanation is that the observation is to prevent diseases in sheep and to prevent mating between sheep of Ray lineage. If sheep of the same breed try to mate, an alert will be sent to the smartphone of the farm’s concerned staff. With this the sheep will be quickly removed from the place. In addition to this, the farm authorities can get the characteristics of the sheep, their physical characteristics, methods of exercise and signs of illness through this built-in intelligence system. Even if the body temperature of any goat is more than 104 degrees Celsius, it can be detected by the infrared monitoring system.

According to the Chinese media, the Global Times, just seven workers are needed to look after 10,000 sheep when the farm is run on technology. Currently, 11 staff members are required to look after the 3000 sheep. With this technology, the gender, age, weight, health status, immunization and gestational information of each sheep can be easily recorded and stored.


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