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Messi and the tone of staying blank against Madrid

The size of Leo Messi is responsible for the results of Barça. The chaos of the project brings it closer to a more prominent role in the joys and defeats of ancestry in the game. Its coolness is partly due to its toll. The Barça striker reappeared yesterday in the classic against Real Madrid. He keeps shouting at the figure of a front center forward who sets the central ones to release him and has room to move between lines.

It is the other side of the loss of Luis Suárez. Zinedine Zidane was piling up men in Messi’s position to break the ball. The premise jeopardized the strength of the defense at times, when Barça opened the field. Without Semedo and Alba gaining meters, Leo Messi and Griezmann were left without space to try their action. It is a recurring theme.

Messi and Cristiano

The Argentinian has five matches against the Madrid side without seeing goal or making goal passes, limiting itself to being a focus of attention for rivals. This drought coincides with the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Madrid. It is the theory of the communicating vessels between franchise men. In the last five classics with the Portuguese wearing white, Messi scored five goals, a shot on the post and an assist.


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