Mesut Ozil Will Not Play for Arsenal Again: Okezone Bola

LONDON – Former Arsenal striker Kevin Campbell predicted that Mesut Ozil will never play for the Gunners this season. According to him, Ozil’s problems with the club meant that the German player would only become a permanent resident on the bench.

Ozil became a mainstay during Arteta’s first weeks as Arsenal coach in December 2019. However, the 31-year-old has not played since March 2020.

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The player of Turkish descent has refused to cut his club’s salary of 12.5% ​​due to the coronavirus pandemic. He is also not included in Arsenal’s squad for the 2020-2021 Europa League.

Arsenal legend coach Arsena Wenger is one of those who suggested Mikel Arteta to play Ozil. He considered Ozil’s creative ability in providing feedback to improve Arsnal’s squad.

However, Campbell insists there is no turning back for Ozil at the Emirates Stadium. He believes Ozil will not appear for Arsenal forever.

“There is no chance he will feature for Arsenal again this season, or ever. “There are certain things that have happened, examples of where he played against the club, so I don’t see where there is any room for him to come back,” he explained.

Wenger, who signed Ozil from Real Madrid seven years ago, gave Arteta advice to play Ozil. He said that Ozil’s creative abilities could help Arsenal get stronger.

“The way football is going today is quick back pressure, quick transitions, and everyone plays the same thing. It kicks in a player like Ozil, “Wenger quoted the BBC as saying.

“Don’t forget who this person is. He is a world champion who has played for Real Madrid. “He has been the record player for assists in the league, so they have to find a way to get him involved again,” he added.

Wenger thinks Arsenal have wasted Ozil’s talent. The French coach felt Ozil’s absence had diminished the creative side of the Gunners’ central sector.

“I feel it’s wasted on him. First, for him, where a player with his talent can produce mature passes. And it’s also in vain for the club because he is a super talent, a creative talent who can create deadly passes, “he said.

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