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In your account Twitter, the Metro Collective Transportation System (STC) reported that on the occasion of the march by the International Women’s Day three stations of the network will be closed, and until further notice.

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It’s about the seasons Insurgentes, of Line 1 (Rosa), Hidalgo on both Lines, 3 and 2 (Green and Blue), and the Zócalo Line 2 (Blue) station.

In addition, the Metro detailed that at the station Fine Arts will be closed the transfer between Lines 2 and 8, so he urged its users to take preventive measures before these cuts.

For its part, the Metrobus of Mexico City announced that in four of its Lines there will be a service interruption.

In the Line 1, which runs from the whereabouts of Green Indians, to the North of the capital, to the Caminero terminal, in the South, it is expected that from 11:00 in the morning the service is from the Indios Verdes station to Plaza de la República, in both directions; the service will resume at the station Álvaro Obregón to the El Caminero terminal.

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In the Line 3 of this service the route will be of the Tenayuca terminal to Buenavista station, and of the station Cuauhtemoc to the Ethiopia terminal in both directions.

In its Line 4, Centro corridor, the service will remain closed from the station Buenavista terminal to the Glorieta de Colón station, which will resume from the station Expo Reforma to San Lázaro, on its South Route; in its North-Airport Route will provide service of the eEstacion Teatro Blanquita to San Lázaro and Airport. The stations that will remain closed are from the Buenavista terminal to Fine Arts.

Also in his Line 7, that runs from whereabouts of the Green Indians to the Mars Field, on Paseo de la Reforma, the service will be from your North terminals (Indios Verdes-Children’s Hospital) to the Glorieta Violeta station, the service will be suspended from the station Hidalgo to the Mars Field.

The Metrobus of Mexico City He explained that the information is subject to change without notice so he recommended users be aware of any situation.

With information from Metro Mexico City and Metrobús Mexico City



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