Mets suddenly showing life, playoff dream almost in reach


MINNEAPOLIS – OK, let's get one thing out of the way: The Mets throttled the Twins, 14-4, Wednesday afternoon, and a lot of good things happened to talk about and laugh about. Without one.

Starting in the first place ttop tthening and spit out this number: 8.9 percent.

As in: the Mets playoff odds.

And you know something? John ya ka ja ja ka ja ja ka ja ka ja ka ja ka ja ka ja ka ja ja ka ja ka ja kaji … t

New York Knights, The New York Mammoths of "Bang the Drum Slowly" – they immediately look back at Chico's Bail Bonds.

… And, most of all, are bound for Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and a plane bound for San Francisco After That a mere 5 ½ games out of the wild card. It does feel like a typo. But the number is there. It's real.

As is this one: That's point point point the Reds on Wednesday, .463-.462).

Dominic Smith
Dominic SmithGetty Images

Mets fans to hop aboard two-by-two. There is no need for the playoffs.


For the first time all year, the Mets are playing good baseball. It has been the elusive thing. In the history of history, and time before, the time of the Mets' own head took Zippo lighter to June. That felt like the kindness of strangers.

This feels… different. The bullpen has been professional in the second half. The offense continues to hum, a different hero every day. Wednesday, was his first team, and his teammates want to talk about his strikeout in the ninth against Ehire Adrianza, and utility infielder moonlighting as a mop-up pitcher.

“I never moaned with a grin.

And Pete Alonso jex by bashing a je jex jax jax jaj jaj jaj jaj jaj jajs jajs jajs jajs jajs jajs jajs jajs jajs jajs jajs. after he had ruined his swing. t

“No,” they said softly.

– are as many as last year. T and gone from 7 ½ out of the wild-card hunt to 3. The Giants have already done the kind of bulk-winning suddenly they aren't ready to shutter the summer at Oracle Park.

That 's something the Mets have rarely bothered to. T

“We are the first time in a ship, long ship, the words t hallucinogens. t

The illusion may well have a lot of the season. Keep the bandwagon in the garage for a while. For a change, the Mets aren't just talking about playing better. They're actually playing better. Let that be enough, for now.

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