MH370 gone for six years: was it the pilot?

It is one of the greatest puzzles in aviation history, material for books, films and conspiracy theories. It is immeasurable suffering for the relatives. Six years ago (March 8), MH370 disappeared on the way from Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. On the anniversary, an old theory is being discussed anew: was it the pilot’s fault?

There were 239 people on board. Except for a few wreckage, nothing was found by the Boeing 777-200-ER. A common assumption is that the machine flew for a few more hours and then crashed somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean. But where? And why did it all happen?

These questions are likely to torture many of the relatives of the people on board. Australian Danica Weeks then lost her husband. The uncertainty of what happened to the loved one brings “unimaginable pain” to relatives, she says.

What is known about MH 370

The machine took off at 0.40 am, there were no abnormalities in the first 39 minutes. The Malaysian Airlines pilot had 33 years of professional experience. The aircraft type is considered one of the safest in the world. The captain’s last radio message was: “Good night, Malaysia three-seven-zero.” The machine later went west off course and disappeared from the radar.

At the end of July 2015, this wreckage was washed up by MH370 on the island of Reunion

At the end of July 2015, this wreckage was washed up by MH370 on the island of Reunion

In addition to the suicide thesis, the explanations range from lack of fuel to shooting down to kidnapping. Conspiracy theories are flourishing: were they extraterrestrials? Did the plane still land somewhere, in Kazakhstan or in Cambodia?

The search for the wreck has officially ended in 2018. A final report from Malaysia in the same year found no solution. The influence of third parties is not excluded. They don’t think the pilot could be behind the action, chief investigator Koh Soon Chong said at the time. According to the investigators, the man had shown no known history, neither apathy, anxiety nor irritability.

Not yet decided on new search

Shortly before the anniversary, a television documentary brought the suicide theory into play again: The then Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott claims to have learned that the Malaysian government assumed this scenario very early and almost certainly. The then Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, said after Abbott’s appearance that there was “no evidence” that the pilot was responsible for the disappearance.

Because the black box and the voice recorder were not found, it was unfair to blame the captain. However, his government did not rule out any of the explanations.

Flight MH370 in Southeast Asia disappeared on March 8, 2014, since only a handful of parts were found.

According to the Ministry of Transport, it has not been decided whether Malaysia will resume the search for the MH370. New evidence, which it officially received, would be examined, however, as of February.

At the US company Ocean Infinity, which has carried out the last search so far, nothing of the kind is currently planned, as managing director Oliver Plunkett of the German Press Agency said. But you are still in contact with some experts where a new search could concentrate.

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