Michael Avenatti’s lawyer is afraid to visit him in prison for coronavirus

The scammer’s lawyer Michael Avenatti is afraid to visit him in the dirty and dangerous metropolitan corrective center, because he fears that the blockade could be a coronavirus outbreak.

In a letter, Avenatti’s attorney Scott Srebnick asked a Manhattan judge to delay a 30-day pre-conditional interview that should have been attended between Avenatti and probation officers at the MCC.

Srebnick highlighted the unsanitary conditions of the MCC – which closed a 10-day block last week – as a potential breeding ground for coronavirus.

“Mr. Avenatti’s cell was infested with mice. The prison stinks or urinates. Since yesterday, Mr. Avenatti has not shaved for weeks. Meanwhile, across the country, public officials are declaring states of emergency following the spread of coronavirus, “wrote Srebnick.

“Health officials are unsure of the real risks. And, by all accounts, a prison facility represents one of the biggest risks of spreading the infection, “he added.

“Given the uncertainty about the coronavirus, the ease with which it spreads and the documented unsanitary conditions of the MCC-New York, I am asking that the basic interview be updated,” he wrote.

Avenatti was convicted of defrauding Nike in the case in February and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for June.

He is facing another criminal case in Manhattan’s federal court for alleged misappropriation of funds from porn star Stormy Daniels earned for writing his memoirs.


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