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Michael Lonsdale, eclectic artist and lover of God

On the occasion of the artist’s disappearance on September 21, we are offering a replay of one of our programs during its visit to our studios in 2016. A heart-to-heart interview where the actor returned to his artistic vocation and his deep faith.

Interview conducted by Sister Catherine Aubin

Michael Lonsdale was a regular in Rome. A few years ago, he had come to read extracts from the Psalms in the church of Saint-Louis-des-Français, in front of an audience moved by the breath of his voice. He had also met Pope Francis as honorary president of the “Diakonia of beauty “, a Church service intended to place artists at the service of the beauty of God. Bringing together musicians, poets or singers, painters, architects or filmmakers, sculptors, actors or dancers, the Diaconie de la beauté has developed in several cities in France.

«Dostoyevsky said that beauty will save the world, but I don’t quite agree, it’s love. Because beauty is a quality of God, while love is God ” said Michael Lonsdale to qualify this diakonia of beauty.

In February 2016, at almost 85 years old, the actor of British origin had passed in our studios, agreeing to speak at length about his life, of his soft and luminous voice. Icon of cinema and theater, Michael Lonsdale was also an unknown painter, always in search of freedom in creation, with this intimate link between art and faith which formed the common thread of his itinerary.

At the microphone of Sister Catherine Aubin, he spoke of his journey of faith, since his childhood between the French, English and Moroccan cultures, returning in particular to his thirst for the absolute and his request for baptism, at the age of 22 years.

Interview with Michael Lonsdale-Part 1

During this interview, Michael Lonsdale also returned to the great spiritual figures who marked his life. The importance of Saint Francis of Assisi first, “the power to be poor, totally“, Praising in passing the figure of Pope Francis”which goes towards the poor and the little ones, towards the essential».

By telling us about his vocation for theater and cinema, the actor also reminded us of the great spiritual roles which marked his life as an actor as well as his life as a man, such as the Orthodox monk Saint Seraphim of Sarov and of course Brother Luke, the Trappist monk and doctor of the monastery of Tibhirine, today blessed.

Interview with Michael Lonsdale-Part 2


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