Michael Schumacher’s first F1 for sale!

Seven world champion titles. 91 victories in the Grand Prix. 5095 wheels in the lead. 68 starts from pole position. 155 podium finishes. 77 fastest laps of the race. These are incredible values ​​and records in which, until recently, Schumacher searched in vain for a conqueror before the phenomenal Hamilton set off as a locomotive. Nevertheless, Schumim still has some records, namely the number of laps in the lead and placing on the podium. They are currently equal in the number of championship titles. But even such bastards logically have to start somewhere…

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Jordan 191 didn’t look bad at all. Which is about it, but he also rode decently!

That’s what we’re talking about in 1991, and the irons on fire at the time were these Jordan 191 cars, powered by Ford engines, tuned by Cosworth. Schumi drove this particular piece during his very first Grand Prix at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, the Belgian Grand Prix. A total of seven of these monoposts were allegedly created, two of which were managed by Schumacher. However, even among the other pilots were resounding names – namely Andrea de Cesaris or the indomitable Alex Zanardi.

In its inaugural season, the Type 191 rode one of the fastest laps of the race and placed second best in the Grand Prix, again with this particular car. Jordan 191 may not have been the fastest, but at the time it was quite possibly one of the best looking monoposts – at the time it was voted Race Car of the Year by Autosport and in 2018 the British daily Telegraph even voted it the best looking Formula 1 ever. By the way, Jordany finished in a decent fifth place in the Constructors’ Cup, just behind giants like McLaren, Williams, Ferrari and Benetton.

Interestingly, for the Jordan Grand Prix team, the 1991 season was the very first – so it was a complete newcomer. However, thanks to the equipment of the movable sponsor 7UP, which belongs to the lemonade concern Pepsi, we managed to put together enough resources and especially expertise to build a decent car. The combination of the chassis designed by designer Gary Anderson in combination with the Ford-Cosworth engine simply worked well. Jordany 191 surprised almost the entire starting field, especially when they managed to place fourth and fifth at the Canadian Grand Prix, which was only the fifth race of the season.

So we know that type 191 was a relatively good monopost. So it could be a great start for a promising young German, a Schumacher. The qualification turned out well – the newcomer, who piloted the cars of the newcomer team, will take the excellent seventh place at the start in Spa. During the race, he jumped to sixth place and then formed a “train” in the company of greats such as Mansell, Berger and Piquet. Young Schumi would probably fight for other positions, but the clutch betrayed him. Even so, he made a huge impression and showed an eminent interest in the owner of the Benetton team, Flavio Briatore – the following race weekend, Schumi started under his wings.

We may be disappointed here, but the SpeedmasterCars advertising server states the worst possible value in the “price” field – on request. At least we’ll be able to debate over a beer pub how much it can cost. But admit it yourself – great design, decent performances, famous riders, one even famous – it can’t turn out cheap.


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