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Microsoft begins testing integration of the Teams chat app with Windows 11

Jafra News – The American company “Microsoft” recently revealed its completely new operating system “Windows 11”, which provided a future view of the operating systems that the company wants to work on in the next stage.

Everyone knows that the Skype application was Microsoft’s main chat application, but its sun began to set, after the company’s new chat application, Microsoft Teams, was revealed.

Users can now start using the Microsoft Teams chat application as the main chat application that you can access quickly via the system’s taskbar.

The company says that despite the fact that the chat application in “Windows 11” uses the “Microsoft Teams” servers, not all “Teams” conversations will appear in it, and vice versa, as it is considered a miniature version of the “Microsoft Teams” application.

The new Teams chat button, which the company plans to include in the Windows 11 taskbar, will replace the Skype Meet Now button that is part of Windows 10.

Users will be able to click the chat icon in the taskbar (or use the WIN + C keyboard shortcut) to see the latest Teams chats or start a new chat or call.

And if users want to open the full Teams app, they can click the “Open Microsoft Teams” option from the chat popup or launch it directly from the Start menu or search.

As company officials said earlier, users will first have to download and install the Teams app before they can run the app, as the app is not preloaded as part of Windows 11.

Microsoft is redesigning the Teams application for the Windows 11 operating system to make it look more consistent with the system and is available in the company’s new Microsoft Store.

The integration of the Teams chat button in Windows 11 is another way Microsoft is working to persuade customers to try using the app’s personal and consumer features.

The app is now limited to English, and not all features are available. Upcoming features include individual and group audio and video calls and meetings, presence and status settings, screen sharing, and more.


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