Microsoft explains why Windows Update offers old drivers

With the latest updates, Microsoft changed the behavior of Windows 10 and its update tool Windows Update. Before, it was possible update drivers from the Internet through the Task Manager. However, this option has disappeared and instead The drivers appear in an optional downloads section of Windows Update.

In this way, those from Redmond seek to unify the functionalities of the operating system updater under the same umbrella. On the Windows Update page, in the Settings app, we find updates to the operating system, other software, and hardware drivers. The problem is that not all manufacturers give the same importance to Windows Update.

Windows Update seems to offer outdated drivers

Many users have noticed that the tool offers old drivers. Even the “Intel – System” software dated 1968 has been seen. The problem goes even further when we find the same name, date and version for different controllers. Of course, this has an explanation.

According to MicrosoftWindows Update displays this data from the INF package provided by the manufacturer. Although most drivers correctly reflect the creation date, in other cases manufacturers choose to use really old dates. Also, they clarify that each controller shown corresponds to a component of the system (screen, keyboard, mouse …).

Those from Redmond also confirm that they are aware of the confusion that can cause users and that they “consider changes to the interface in future releases.” They remind us that these facilities are optional and that we should only take them into account when we have problems with some other controller.

For example, if we have problems with the Intel DCH driver, we can open the Settings app and apply the software offered by Windows Update instead. The reason is that the drivers provided contain the optimizations applied by the computer manufacturer, rather than installing drivers from the component manufacturer.

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