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Microsoft forced some Windows 10 users to install apps they didn’t want

KONTAN.CO.ID – Microsoft made several user Windows 10 is furious. The reason is suddenly their laptops using Windows 10 are forced to restart and then unwanted new applications appear.

Some of you must use a laptop or computer with the Windows 10 operating system (OS). This latest OS made by Microsoft is already widely used on various laptops and computers.

Even when you buy a new laptop, it must be bundled with Windows 10. As the newest OS from the Windows series, Windows 10 does present a cool look and features.

Windows 10 is back with the Start Menu feature that is its hallmark. Unlike Windows 8, the Start Menu is full of one screen, although it was fixed in Windows 8.1.

However, Windows 10 is arguably an improvement over its previous series, especially Windows 8 and 8.1. Even though it hasn’t been able to compete with the popularity of Windows 7, Windows 10 is slowly trying to match its popularity.

Unfortunately not all user Windows 10 loves to use the OS. Especially when Windows 10 got it update, several user almost always complained about it.

The reason is reported several user feel annoyed because they are forced to restart and suddenly install applications they don’t want.

In the report Engadget.com, several user reportedly forced to perform restart Their PC or laptop to install the web version of Office. Often update Windows 10 arrived suddenly. Without us knowing it sometimes update-it does not fix the problem, it gets new problems.

According to user who get update that, they complained that the application was installed without permission. This means Microsoft without the knowledge or permission of user Windows 10 has the web version of the Office application installed.

Generally Microsoft delivers update their experiments through Windows 10 versions Insider. However update it is also felt user Windows 10 general version.

According to Engadget, update is potentially annoying user Windows 10 when doing certain jobs and suddenly restart. More than that after restart they are burdened again with applications that suddenly pop up without them knowing. Suspicion can arise when they think that this is some kind of dangerous application.

Because the application suddenly appears on a computer or laptop partly user Windows 10.

Wow, do you guys get too update Windows 10 that forces your laptop or computer restart? Then after that there are applications that suddenly appear on the Start or Desktop view?


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